Patience Rams Fans...our beloved team is in good hands...

I'm just glad Rams won the chip last season. For me that gives this front office time to turn things around over the next few seasons....that being said...

The Akers & Atwell picks are inexcusable when we all knew Big Whit's days were numbered & Noteboom was inconsistent & at the very least unproven...The Atwell pick reminds me so much of the 2002 3rd round Eric Crouch pick it's kinda scary...Atwell was a pick filled with what looks from the outside...a lot of arrogance and hubris. I always defer to McVay in that I believe he has a plan...but I thought if anyone could get production from Tavon Austin it might be maybe the fact he couldn't or wouldn't...was a red flag that I shoulda considered after the surprising Atwell pick...Maybe there is still a chance Atwell can be a quality NFL deep threat?...but until the Rams offensive line works it's way back up to at least's gonna cost a lot of QB's health trying to throw the deep ball with any consistently

I am in the camp that says unless a RB is truly SPECIAL...they aren't good value in first 3 rounds...& even if they are "Special"...they are for a team that is a "one player away" luxury pick.

90% of NFL fan bases think their Offensive Line sucks...& they're mostly correct. So that was in the back of my mind the past few drafts. So I kept being surprised when the Rams paid little to no attention in the recent drafts. I tend to defer to the experts& assume they have seen more & know more about the players they draft. Judging by the Rams recent success...I trust them more than draft pundits that hand out draft grades before any of the players drafted set foot on an NFL practice field. That being said...the lack assets used to build up the Offensive Line has been puzzling. Especially now after seeing it crumble to the point that our QB's can't stay healthy for more than a half...& after two successive concussions, Mathew Stafford's career is on the brink

I whole heartedly support Rams philosophy of trading high picks for proven players. After seeing so many 1st round busts over many years I wondered why teams treated picks as untouchable. I think what Rams did was ahead of its time & really smart. I'm glad they took advantage while they could because from now on the other smart teams will copy what the Rams have done & the spec they created will get very crowded

However it's been perplexing to see what the Rams have done with the earlier picks(2nd/3rd round) they have had.

One of the first things McVay did as a HC was sign Whitworth. Obviously in order to implement his offense & work with the skills Goff had(or any drop back QB for that matter)an elite LT is/was essential. So one would think, doing it all over again, that replacing Whit with a proven player or high pick would have been top priority...rather than signing Allen Robinson or drafting Skill position players. Even if they believed in Noteboom, hindsight being 20/20...high quality offensive line depth to develop seems like a wise investment. After this season...hopefully the Rams will start from scratch & build inside out...The Chiefs put together the best Offensive Line in one offseason. It dosent need to be THAT dramatic...but the expectation of getting back to at least an AVERAGE, middle of the pack offensive line should be within the realm of possibility

Whether the Rams admitted it or not...they went "all in" to open a window to win the title in 2021..& that window opened up with the signing of Stafford...& began to quickly close...with the injury to OBJ. The fascinating thing is that the window was closing DURING the super bowl however fortunately Stafford & Kupp were able to go schoolyard on Offense & AD did AD things & the Rams defense were able to hold said window open just enough to allow them to squeeze through it on its way down in that final drive....the middle part of that game was a foreshadow of what this season has been on the offensive side of the ball. And IMO Kupp has no reason to play another down this year...& Stafford's career might be over?

I personally think Rams have the infrastructure & culture to build it up again if they stick to some tried and true team building fundamentals. Then they can sprinkle in some of that "F Them Picks" swagger at the right times, for the right proven players at high value positions(LT, CB, WR, QB)... and build another great team and open another championship window.

However it will take a "rebuild". If Rams try to throw every draft asset at plugging holes on this sinking ship...the rebuild will only take longer & possibly start costing people jobs. It's horrifying to hear Rams tried to trade distant 1st round picks for the Panthers Brian Burns. He's on the verge of becoming a great player, but more defense is not what the Rams need right now...and spending those picks to salvage this team woulda been an attempt at salvaging sunk cost

I've been a Rams fan since the late 70's ...All of us long time Rams fans know there have been DECADES of real darkness(see '93 to Warner/GSOT & '03 to McVay &/or Steven Jackson's Rams' career)so speaking for myself, I have the patience for a rebuild if it features a solid, well thought out plan, that in 2-3 seasons results in the Rams back in contention. I don't think the way Rams built the last championship lends itself to sustainability...rather, more of a build up to a peak/window of opportunity

Remember fellow fans...we got a chip last year(& to be 100 I'm Stoked our Rams were able to win a title during the Mahomes era...along with Allen, there may not be many more titles that go around ‍♂️)...many teams are still trying to win their first &/or haven't won one in over 30 years...Browns(in Cleveland), Chargers, Vikings, Bills, Bengals, Falcons, Lions, Cardinals, Panthers, Jags, Texans(last 3 expansion teams but the former two have been in League for close to 30 seasons).

I think as Fans we have "adults" running our team...something I think only about 1/3 of the league actually has...& our front office, coaches, medical/training staff are as good as any at the top. That's all one can hope for as a fan...just imagine being a Washington Football team fan since before & then during the Snyder era...

As a loyal Rams fan if every 2-4 seasons this Coaching Staff/Front Office, Medical/Training staff can get us to NFC Championship games & beyond....I'm here for that