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Can Sean McVay be trusted to evaluate running backs?

Rams HC understands the WR position well, but does he know what to look for in a RB?

San Francisco 49ers v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Tom Hauck/Getty Images

It’s no secret that the offense for the Los Angeles Rams has been one of the most underwhelming units in all of football.

Between backbreaking turnovers that put the defense in disadvantageous situations, one of the weakest running games in the entire NFL, and an overall lack of identity on offense, Sean McVay’s team is limping into Week 9 against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Fortunately for LA, the Bucs’ offense has been just as disjointed as the Rams’. Tom Brady seems rattled and his receiving targets are constantly in and out of the lineup. Tampa Bay also has struggled on the ground, even despite Leonard Fournette being a steady presence in that backfield.

Sunday’s game is a matchup between a 3-4 Los Angeles team and the 3-5 Buccaneers. Coming into the season we expected a clash between two major NFC conference powers, but now we see two teams desperately clinging to life.

Kenneth Arthur and JB Scott discuss the Rams’ inaction at the trade deadline, whether they think Odell Beckham, Jr will return to LA, and then preview the Week 9 matchup.

  • Trade deadline - No moves
  • Cam Akers, surprised he wasn’t dealt?
  • Should Rams have made move for edge rushers like Brian Burns or Bradley Chubb?
  • Do Rams have resources to improve offense next year?
  • Is Matthew Stafford any more valuable than Justin Fields given current structure?
  • Should Rams change draft strategy? What is Rams plan for offense moving forward?
  • Any free agent RB who looks the most appealing to add next year?
  • Will Rams sign OBJ or where will he land?
  • What is the Rams most impressive win this season?
  • Will Rams beat Bucs?
  • Predictions

Reportedly the Rams’ offer for Brian Burns was turned down by the Carolina Panthers, and the marquee edge rusher that ended up being moved was the Denver Broncos’ Bradley Chubb - he’s now a Miami Dolphin.

Does LA’s inaction mean they are almost ready to call it quits on the season, or do they understand that the picks-for-player trade market is no longer inefficient. Perhaps the Rams success through these types of trades have driven up the value of players on the block.

Either way, no help is on the way for the Rams. What you see is what you get - and is that good enough to take down Tom Brady and the Bucs this weekend?