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Jalen Ramsey on OBJ: “We definitely want him back”

“I text him every week,” says Ramsey, but it doesn’t sound like the Rams are on the table

NFC Championship - San Francisco 49ers v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

The Los Angeles Rams may not have a great shot at landing Odell Beckham Jr. unless they start winning soon, but that hasn’t stopped Jalen Ramsey from holding out hope that the receiver can return to the team. Ramsey, appearing on LeBron James’s “The Shop” during Thursday Night Football, said that he wants OBJ to come back to the Rams.

“We definitely want him back,” responded Ramsey to a question about OBJ. When returning from commercial break, Ramsey continued to talk about OBJ and said that he talks to him every week. However, he sounds like he expects OBJ to sign with a contender and didn’t frame it in a way where that includes the Rams.

“I text him every week. I talk to him every week,” added Ramsey.

Ramsey was also asked why Allen Robinson hasn’t been productive with the Rams yet. “I don’t know, to be honest with you.” Ramsey felt that Robinson just needs to develop more chemistry with Matthew Stafford and he talked up the wide receivers room as a whole, but did note that Robinson would have to step up in the absence of Cooper Kupp.

OBJ has yet to return from the torn ACL that he suffered in the Rams’ Super Bowl win over the Cincinnati Bengals. There are a lot of rumors about going to the Cowboys or Giants, but he could choose a surprise team again.

Ramsey certainly hopes he does.