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NFL Power Rankings, Week 11: Rams are 0.5 game out of last place in NFC

The sky might actually be falling in Los Angeles

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Los Angeles Rams Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Sean McVay, head coach of the Los Angeles Rams, has often told media how the National Football League can humble you in any given week. The 2022 Rams have been served a lot of humble pie this year, having lost six games already through 10 weeks. For perspective, Los Angeles did not lose six games at all last year, including the playoffs, finishing the season with a 16-5 record. Now, the Rams are not only trying to avoid losing more games, but they are also trying to avoid finishing in dead last in the NFC Conference. How close are they? Check out the Week 11 power rankings below!

  1. Kansas City Chiefs (Change: N/A)

The best offensive player in the NFL is Patrick Mahomes. And because the NFL is an offensive driven league, the Chiefs will remain in the driver’s seat for a long time. Mahomes has been to four straight AFC Championship games, and he appears on track to go to a fifth straight. He’s in a class by himself above Josh Allen, Joe Burrow, Justin Herbert, and Jalen Hurts.

Result: Won 27-17 vs. Jaguars

2. Philadelphia Eagles (Change: N/A)

I’ll let the Eagles stay in the No. 2 spot for today, but losing to the Commanders at home revealed a number of things. 1) The Commanders were able to run the ball over 45 times and yet the Eagles could only manage three tackles for loss, one of them in which Heineke gave himself up. 2) The Eagles had 10 days to prepare for Washington yet couldn’t get the job done. 3) If Taylor Heineke can beat the Eagles, then the Eagles will have their hands full when they play better quarterbacks in the playoffs.

Result: Loss 32-21 vs. Eagles

3. Minnesota Vikings (Change: +1)

It looks like the stage is being set for a 2017 NFC Championship rematch between Philadelphia and Minnesota. And I want to know if Kirk Cousins can rise to the occasion. Wins against the Bills at Buffalo make you believe he could pull it off. We’ll know in two more months...

Result: Won 33-30 @ Bills

4. San Francisco 49ers (Change: +2)

San Francisco will likely enter the NFC playoffs as a team that no one wants to face because of a suffocating defense. Surprisingly, Elijah Mitchell out-touched and out-played Christian McCaffrey, totaling 18 carries for 89 yards. The recently acquired running back was shut down for 38 yards on 14 carries.

Result: Won 22-16 vs. Chargers

5. Buffalo Bills (Change: -2)

And just like that in a span of two weeks, Buffalo goes from first place in the AFC to the sixth seed. But Buffalo does leniency with the schedule they have faced. If anything, this is probably a good thing for Buffalo to face adversity in November, similar to Los Angeles in 2021.

Result: Loss 33-30 vs. Vikings

6. Tennessee Titans (Change: +1)

Result: Won 17-10 vs. Broncos

7. Baltimore Ravens (Change: +1)

Result: Bye Week

8. Miami Dolphins (Change: +3)

Result: Won 39-17 vs. Browns

9. Dallas Cowboys (Change: -4)

Result: Loss 31-28 (OT) @ Packers

10. New York Jets (Change: N/A)

Result: Bye Week

11. Cincinnati Bengals (Change: +1)

Result: Bye Week

12. New York Giants (Change: +1)

Result: Won 24-16 vs. Texans

13. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Change: +3)

I said it multiple times through the month of October. Tom Brady and the Buccaneers are going to find a way. They are 5-5 and almost a lock to be the 4th seed in the NFC playoffs. They will likely get a favorable draw and could make a run with Brady’s playoff resume. Tom Brady is 2-0 after his divorce and maybe the offense keeps going up from here... And the defense is ranked 4th in the NFL with only 18.0 ppg allowed.

Result: Won 21-16 vs. Seahawks [Germany]

14. Seattle Seahawks (Change: -5)

Result: Loss 21-16 @ Buccaneers [Germany]

15. New England Patriots (Change: N/A)

Result: Bye Week

16. Washington Commanders (Change: +2)

Result: Won 32-21 @ Eagles

17. Green Bay Packers (Change: +5)

Result: Won 31-28 vs. Cowboys

18. Arizona Cardinals (Change: +2)

Result: Won 27-17 @ Rams

19. Los Angeles Chargers (Change: -5)

Result: Loss 22-16 @ 49ers

20. Indianapolis Colts (Change: +6)

Result: Won 25-20 @ Raiders

21. Chicago Bears (Change: +2)

Result: Loss 31-30 vs. Lions

22. Los Angeles Rams (Change: -3)

Result: Loss 27-17 vs. Cardinals

23. Atlanta Falcons (Change: -6)

Result: Loss 25-15 @ Panthers

24. Detroit Lions (Change: +5)

Result: Won 31-30 @ Bears

25. Carolina Panthers (Change: +5)

Result: Won 25-15 vs. Falcons

26. Denver Broncos (Change: -1)

Result: Loss 17-10 @ Titans

27. Jacksonville Jaguars (Change: N/A)

Result: Loss 27-17 @ Chiefs

28. Cleveland Browns (Change: -4)

Result: Loss 39-17 @ Dolphins

29. Pittsburgh Steelers (Change: +2)

Result: Won 20-10 vs. Saints

30. New Orleans Saints (Change: -9)

Result: Loss 20-10 @ Steelers

31. Las Vegas Raiders (Change: -3)

Result: Loss 25-20 vs. Colts

32. Houston Texans (Change: N/A)

Result: Loss 24-16 @ Giants


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