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Why has John Wolford been the Rams backup quarterback for 3 years?

Turf Show Times: Instant Reaction Podcast

Arizona Cardinals v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

The L.A. Rams have been making head-scratching moves for years, but there was little criticism to be heard as long as the results made more sense than the process. And for the first five years under Sean McVay, the results were usually great.

The Rams team that we’ve seen through all nine games this season have given critics a great opportunity to ask... “Why?

Such as asking “Why John Wolford and Bryce Perkins have been on the 53-man roster since the start of the 2021 season if neither is capable of filling in for Matthew Stafford for even one game?” Stafford, a quarterback who few people expected to continuously be able to start 17 games per year through his mid-30’s.

Week 10’s contest against the Arizona Cardinals put that question to the test, as Stafford missed his first game as the quarterback of the Rams, opening the door for Wolford’s first start since the final game of 2020. It couldn’t have gone much worse, as the Rams fell 27-17 with barely any offense to speak of until packing on yards when the game was out of reach.

It’s not as though L.A. drafted John Wolford or Bryce Perkins with day two picks. It’s not as though they’re veteran starters who had fallen on hard times, but at least proven that they can hang on Sundays. It’s not as though they’re rookies. The Rams have had Wolford since 2019 and as the primary backup since 2020, while they’ve had Perkins since 2020 and he’s been on the 53-man roster since 2021.

Without any ability to move the ball on Sunday against Arizona, Sean McVay still couldn’t pull the trigger to replace him with Perkins. Again, the critics whisper... “Why?

Why is Wolford the backup? Why has Perkins been on the roster for this long? Why at a time when there are so many other positions that lack depth?

I’m not even convinced that Perkins or Wolford could be on another 53-man roster in the league, let alone taking up two spots on the same 53-man roster. Let alone for a team that just won the Super Bowl.

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