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Rams make no moves at NFL trade deadline

Will Cam Akers be L.A.’s starting running back moving forward?

NFL: OCT 09 Cowboys at Rams Photo by Kevin Reece/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Los Angeles Rams were at least expected to trade Cam Akers before the Tuesday trade deadline, but Les Snead was unable to complete any deals this year. After trading for Jalen Ramsey at the deadline in 2019 and Von Miller in 2021, the Rams were strongly linked to at least a few big names this year as midseason help for a second half push. That included Christian McCaffrey, who went to the 49ers, Bradley Chubb, who went to the Dolphins, and Brandin Cooks, who went nowhere and is staying with the Texans. The Rams reportedly also wanted Brian Burns, but the Panthers are also staying firm with their roster.

But Snead couldn’t come to an agreement with any teams to acquire a player this year and seemingly was unable to find a buyer for Akers, as well.

What the Rams really need more than anything else would seem to be offensive line help, but NFL teams are not known for getting rid of good players at those positions in the middle of the year. It would have been rare to see an offensive lineman move teams at this stage if he’s currently playing with a team already. Teams would need to have a lot of confidence in their depth and as we’re seeing with L.A., most teams do not have good offensive line depth.

If they do, they tend to hang onto it.

Not being able to trade Akers is a little strange, but Akers did not have much trade value once it became apparent that he was essentially benched by the Rams. L.A. was looking for a running back to replace Akers, what team would want the running back who couldn’t start for the NFL’s last place rushing team?

Will Akers be back on the Rams game day roster next? We’ll find out.