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Week 9 Power Rankings: Rams fail to find momentum out of bye week

Los Angeles swept by San Francisco in regular season again

NFL: San Francisco 49ers at Los Angeles Rams Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Rams lost to the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday by a score of 31-14. How far does that drop them in the Week 9 NFL power rankings?

1. Buffalo Bills (Change: N/A)

The Bills aren’t going anywhere, so the rest of the league has to catch up. The Bills continue to rattle off wins against playoff teams from last year that were supposed to be contenders this year. Wins against: LAR, TEN, BAL, KC, and GB. Buffalo is the real deal.

Result: Won 27-17 vs. Packers

2. Kansas City Chiefs (Change: N/A)

It’s going to take a heroic performance by Mahomes to knock off the Buffalo Bills in the playoffs. Kansas City will likely have to travel to Buffalo in order to knock off the AFC powerhouse since the Bills have a two-game advantage in the standings.

Result: Bye Week

3. Philadelphia Eagles (Change: N/A)

The Eagles are still undefeated in the NFL, but their strength of victory is unimpressive. Philadelphia will unlikely be challenged all year outside of one or two more divisional games. Philadelphia’s best move would be to ride the “no one counted us in” wave.

Result: Won 35-13 vs. Steelers

4. Minnesota Vikings (Change: N/A)

Kirk Cousins and the Vikings keep rolling. Though they were embarrassed on Sunday Night Football against the Eagles, Minnesota is still holding strong as the No. 2 seed in the NFC.

Result: Won 34-26 vs. Cardinals

5. Dallas Cowboys (Change: +1)

Dallas is another team that continues to look stronger with each passing week. There is a glaring weakness with the run defense, but they will be a challenge to a lot of NFC teams come January.

Result: Won 49-29 vs. Bears

6. San Francisco 49ers (Change: +1)

Result: Won 31-14 @ Rams

7. Tennessee Titans (Change: +4)

Result: Won 17-10 @ Texans

8. Baltimore Ravens (Change: +1)

Result: Won 27-22 @ Buccaneers

9. New York Giants (Change: -4)

Result: Loss 27-13 @ Seahawks

10. Seattle Seahawks (Change: +4)

The biggest surprise of the 2022 season might be how the Seahawks have found life without Russell Wilson. Somehow...Some way...Geno Smith has the Seahawks gliding along with the NFC West division lead.

Result: Won 27-13 vs. Giants

11. Miami Dolphins (Change: +2)

Result: Won 31-27 @ Lions

12. Cincinnati Bengals (Change: -3)

Result: Loss 32-13 @ Browns

13. New York Jets (Change: -1)

Result: Loss 22-17 vs. Patriots

14. Los Angeles Chargers (Change: +1)

Result: Bye Week

15. Los Angeles Rams (Change: -3)

The LA Rams are a tough team to rank. They are nowhere near the level of play from 2021. But their four losses this year are against Buffalo, San Francisco (x2), and Dallas. All three teams were playoff teams in 2021 and will be again in 2022. But at this point, LA is the only team standing in its way. They must figure out how to protect/block up front and pressure and the quarterback on defense.

Result: Loss 31-14 vs. 49ers

16. Green Bay Packers (Change: N/A)

Result: Loss 27-17 vs. Bills

17. Atlanta Falcons (Change: +2)

Result: Won 37-34 (OT) vs. Panthers

18. Washington Commanders (Change: +5)

Similar to the Seahawks, sometimes it’s just a matter of getting the right quarterback under center and the team rallying behind him.

Result: Won 17-16 vs. Colts

19. Arizona Cardinals (Change: -1)

Result: Loss 34-26 @ Vikings

20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Change: -3)

Result: Loss 27-22 vs. Ravens

21. New Orleans Saints (Change: -2)

Result: Won 24-0 vs. Raiders

22. New England Patriots (Change: -1)

Result: Won 22-17 @ Jets

23. Chicago Bears (Change: +3)

The Chicago Bears won’t be a playoff team in 2022, but if they can iron out things with Justin Fields by adding some playmakers, this team could be dangerous in 2023.

Result: Loss 49-29 @ Cowboys

24. Denver Broncos (Change: +5)

Result: Won 21-17 @ Jaguars

25. Cleveland Browns (Change: N/A)

Result: Won 32-13 vs. Bengals

26. Indianapolis Colts (Change: N/A)

Result: Loss 17-16 vs. Commanders

27. Las Vegas Raiders (Change: -3)

Result: Loss 24-0 @ Saints

28. Jacksonville Jaguars (Change: -2)

Result: Loss 21-17 vs. Broncos

29. Carolina Panthers (Change: +2)

Result: Loss 37-34 (OT) @ Falcons

30. Pittsburgh Steelers (Change: -3)

Result: Loss 35-13 @ Eagles

31. Houston Texans (Change: +1)

Result: Loss 17-10 vs. Titans

32. Detroit Lions (Change: -2)

Result: Loss 31-27 vs. Dolphins


Which team has the best chance to knock off the Eagles in the NFC playoffs?

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    Minnesota Vikings
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    San Francisco 49ers
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