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Last Minute Thoughts: Could Rams-Cowboys be even uglier than Thursday Night Football?

It was tough to watch Russell Wilson and Matt Ryan battle it out... but are Matthew Stafford and Cooper Rush that much better?

Dallas Cowboys v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Less than 72 hours after one of the uglier primetime performances of recent memory - the Denver Broncos vs. the Indianapolis Colts on Thursday Night Football - the Los Angeles Rams host the Dallas Cowboys.

Dallas is without their star quarterback, Dak Prescott. Cooper Rush has been as good as the team could have hoped in relief, but he’s averaged just 224 yards across his three starts. Rush will make quick decisions, and he normally makes the right decision - he has yet to throw an interception despite attempting more than 100 passes in 2022. He’s also been sacked only four times, but only two of those have come during his three start stretch.

It might not be pretty - the Cowboys might not be lighting up the scoreboard - but Rush is doing everything he can to put his team in position to win games.

Perhaps there is no bigger contract to Rush in 2022 than LA’s Matthew Stafford. While Rush hasn’t thrown and interception and rarely gets sacked, Stafford has been very familiar with those outcomes through four games. LA’s offensive line has allowed their signal caller to get sacked 16 times so far this year, and most have come against the Buffalo Bills and San Francisco 49ers (7 each).

Stafford also leads the league in interceptions, just as he did in his first campaign in Los Angeles. Usually with Stafford the good outweighs the bad, but with just four touchdown passes that hasn’t been the case in 2022.

Blaine Grisak and JB Scott are back to give their Last Minute Thoughts ahead of Sunday’s big game. With the Rams and the entire NFC West division sitting at 2-2, this is quickly becoming a must-win game for Los Angeles.

This Week 5 contest is shaping up to be a big defensive struggle, especially considering the amount of marquee defensive talent that will take the field.

Sunday’s game features two of the premier pass rushers in all of the NFL - LA’s Aaron Donald and Dallas’ Micah Parsons. Jalen Ramsey and Trevon Diggs are excellent corners that are capable of making the big play for their team.

With two relatively anemic offenses and two stifling defenses, don’t be surprised if you’re sitting on the couch Sunday afternoon having flashbacks to Thursday’s hard-on-the-eyeballs football.

But the Rams aren’t in a position to complain about an ugly win - they need every win to keep pace in an evenly matched NFC West division.