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Bobby Wagner fan tackle: Greg Gaines comes to his defense, ‘Bobby saved our lives’

Rams teammates stick together, especially when under attack after Monday Night Football fan tackle.

Syndication: Arizona Republic Michael Chow / USA TODAY NETWORK

When two protestors ran onto the field during the Rams-49ers game on Monday Night Football at Levi’s Stadium, perhaps only security knew what to do. However, even having that training, the security at Levi’s Stadium was not able to detain one of the protestors before he made it onto the field. Luckily, there was a linebacker out there with incredible speed and a lot of experience with tackling.

Bobby Wagner and Takkarist McKinley were the first to act, with Wagner taking the charge in preventing the protestor from going any further. To most, Wagner was seen as a hero.

To the protestor, he was seen as a criminal. The protestor filed charges with the Santa Clara Police Department this week. Wagner said this week that he’s aware of the police report but that he’s not worried about it. “I’m more concerned of the security guard who got hurt trying to chase him,” said Wagner. He’s not the only Ram speaking out.

Teammate Greg Gaines tweeted a reply to @nflrums, a middling NFL rumors account on Twitter, saying “I was scared for my life, he could have had a bomb, Bobby Wagner saved our lives.”

Gaines account of the incident helps paint a picture (for, uh, prosecutors) of why it was more important to act than to stop, think, and let this person with a smoke bomb run rampant on the field and towards innocent civilians. I mean, Gaines isn’t wrong. He could have had anything.

What he left with: Bruises and continued embarrassment.