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Bobby Wagner ‘MNF’ tackle: Fan files police report over incident that he created

The fan who brought a situation on himself is now filing charges because of the incident

On Monday Night Football, a disturbance on the field caused a delay in the Rams-49ers game at Levi’s Stadium as security attempted to stop two protestors running towards the action with pink smoke bombs. After quickly detaining the female protestor, security was unable to put an immediate stop to the male protestor, but as he was getting onto the field that’s when two Los Angeles Rams players stepped in: Bobby Wagner and Takkarist McKinley.

Wagner and McKinley tackled the male protestor, but not before he got the attention he desired. That fan has now filed a police report with the Santa Clara Police Department, according to TMZ.

It’s not clear if Wagner and/or McKinley would be facing any charges — should the police department take this seriously — or exactly what the fan would be able to get out of this report other than more attention for the cause that initially cause him and another protestor to run onto the field during Monday Night Football. Would the 49ers, Levi’s Stadium, security, or the Rams be responsible for anything in this case? That is unclear, even if it does sound ludicrous to believe that a fan running onto the field had no understanding that he could potentially be leveled ... either by security or a future Hall of Fame linebacker.

The two fans, as provided by Twitter user @DxEverywhere:

Both were detained, cited, and then released. Reportedly “beaten up but in good spirits.”

Good enough spirits to take this incident to the next level, which is even more unexpected than the incident itself.

It is maybe more possible that Wagner could be sued. Sort of like that whole “I’m being sued by the guy who broke into my house to rob me because he slipped and hurt himself” situation. I didn’t know that could be real.