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One day after our story on Aaron Donald and Kanye West, Rams star cuts ties with Ye

Donald is one of two athletes to leave Donda Sports on Tuesday

Super Bowl XLI - Pepsi Smash - February 1, 2007 Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

On Monday, we were the only outlet reporting that Kanye West had mentioned wanting to look over Aaron Donald’s contract with the Los Angeles Rams and the only place bringing up the fact that Donald was the only active professional football player signed to Donda Sports, a brand marketing company. The final paragraph of the article asked, “Will Donald follow suit and leave Donda Sports?”

On Tuesday afternoon, Aaron Donald announced on Twitter that he is leaving Donda Sports.

In a joint statement with wife Erica, Aaron Donald specifically mentioned antisemitism and “hateful words and actions” for reasons wanting to part ways with Donda Sports less than a year after signing. The pact with Donda Sports is not for his NFL contracts, only brand marketing, but it is an important step in separating that association with a celebrity who has been taking another step into the void with each passing day.

At the exact same time, NBA star Jaylen Brown also announced that he is leaving Donda Sports.