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Ye wants to take a closer look at Aaron Donald’s contract with Rams

Will Donald cut ties with Kanye West like so many others have recently?

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Los Angeles Rams v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

Normally when Kanye West rants about something, the words may ring hollow to the rational ear, but in this case it may be worth paying closer attention. Yes, even as it relates to the NFL and in this case, Aaron Donald of the Los Angeles Rams. According to Ye, in an interview with Piers Morgan last week, he wants to open up the books on all kinds of contracts in the entertainment industry and he specifically referenced Donald. Right after Michael B. Jordan.

Yes, Michael B. Jordan. Not the sports one.

After Morgan questions Ye on recent antisemitic tweets and comments, West responds by saying he won’t discuss it further until he’s able to help re-negotiate certain contracts in entertainment, including Donald’s. This may seem like an innocuous comment by a raving celebrity, but Aaron Donald actually signed to Donda Sports earlier this year.

“When I sit down with the people who write out the contracts for the NBA, the NFL, and for professional music, and for acting contracts. We need to go to the top lawyers, the top execs, the owners of the stadiums, the owners of the football teams, and the owners of the record labels, and we’re gonna put them all in one room. And we’ll go top-10 in each of these categories. Let’s read Michael B. Jordan’s contract. Let’s read Aaron Donald’s contract—”

At which point, Morgan cuts him off and the two get into a heated argument.

We’re never able to hear the rest of West’s comments on Donald, but we do know that the pair were starting to become closer recently. Donald said after signing with Donda Sports, which controls his brand marketing interests and NOT his NFL contract, “Hearing the whole spectrum of what they were going to be bringing, the whole family atmosphere that they got in Donda Sports. Not just me, but my wife being a part of that. For me, (signing with Donda Sports) was a no-brainer.”

Speaking on I Am Athlete earlier this year, Donald said that Ye is “a cool dude” but that he refused to be in one of Ye’s music videos because he felt out of his element. Donald was the first active athlete to sign with Donda Sports, joining the team after Antonio Brown.

Ye was dropped by his agency on Monday because of his recent behaviors. Will Donald follow suit and leave Donda Sports? Or will the pair collaborate even more, going as far as to let Ye take a look at his contract? The Rams made Donald the highest-paid non-quarterback in NFL history in June, one month after he signed with Donda.