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Rams offered 4 picks, Cam Akers to Panthers for Christian McCaffrey

Les Snead sounds intent on adding a running back

Carolina Panthers v Los Angeles Rams Photo by John McCoy/Getty Images

The Los Angeles Rams are not content with their roster and must still view themselves as Super Bowl contenders who are one piece away from contending. That’s the only explanation for recent rumors about Les Snead’s offer for Christian McCaffrey, if true.

Though it has been known for a week that the Rams wanted McCaffrey, it was only within the last day that more concrete details have emerged of what L.A. was reportedly willing to offer for the former Carolina Panthers running back, now a member of the San Francisco 49ers; the Rams and 49ers play each other this week.

According to new reports on Monday morning, the Rams were willing to part with 2023 second and third round picks, 2024 fourth and fifth round picks, plus Cam Akers. That’s enough to load a boat.

Though Akers probably has little value at this point, maybe a mid-day three pick, he was one of the incentives that Snead used to try and top San Francisco’s offer: second, third, and fourth round picks in 2023, a fifth round pick in 2024. But L.A. tried to spread out their offer a bit because the Rams are already short draft picks in 2023.

Are the Rams just lucky that the 49ers bested their offer?

McCaffrey made his 49ers debut against the Chiefs on Sunday, carrying the ball eight times for 38 yards and catching two passes for 24 yards. He will play the Rams for the second time in three weeks when the two teams face on Sunday. McCaffrey had 13 carries for 69 yards and seven catches for 89 yards when facing L.A. in Week 6.

The Rams are continuing to shop Akers, which we know. But they must also be seeking a star running back in trade and willing to keep moving the draft picks at any cost to get better now.