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Week 7, NFL Power Rankings: Rams still in NFC contender mix

Week 6 saw multiple contenders lose and fall in standings

NFL: Carolina Panthers at Los Angeles Rams Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Week 6 is in the books but it did not disappoint with plenty of upsets. Multiple top 10 teams lost: the Buccaneers, Packers, Cowboys, Chiefs, and 49ers. Los Angeles beat the Panthers 24-10 to return back to .500. Was it enough to get back to the Top 10? Here are the Week 6 power rankings.

  1. Buffalo Bills (Change: N/A)

Buffalo continues to hold off Philadelphia for the top spot as Buffalo defeated the Chiefs to secure their top position in the AFC Conference.

2. Philadelphia Eagles (Change: +1)

The Eagles beat Dallas on Sunday Night Football, although the Cowboys were without Dak Prescott. Nonetheless, Philly moves up being the only unbeaten team.

3. Kansas City Chiefs (Change: -1)

Kansas City played a back and forth affair with Buffalo, but came up short 24-20 with Mahomes tossing two interceptions. KC still controls the #2 seed with the rest of the AFC Conference struggling.

4. New York Giants (Change: +4)

Daboll’s Giants are 5-1 with wins over BAL, GB, and TEN. They are stuck behind Philadelphia for control of the NFC East, but New York’s running game and defense make it a sure-fire contender.

5. Minnesota Vikings (Change: +4)

Minnesota has full control of the NFC North with a 5-1 record and the head-to-head tiebreaker over the GB Packers.

6. Dallas Cowboys (Change: +1)

Dallas lost, but remains in the Top 10. Prescott appears to be ready for a Week 7 return, giving the offense more dynamic quarterback play, despite Cooper Rush’s ability to go 4-1 as a starter.

7. San Francisco 49ers (Change: -3)

San Francisco arguably has the best defense in the league, which makes it so surprising that they have losses to Chicago, Atlanta, and Denver. The 49ers are just 1-3 on the road this year.

8. Baltimore Ravens (Change: -2)

Conventional wisdom says that Ravens are a top AFC team, but they can’t seem to secure 4th quarter leads, blowing another this weekend against New York.

9. Cincinnati Bengals (Change: +3)

After an 0-2 start, Cincinnati is back to .500 with games against ATL, CLE, CAR, and PIT next. After showing signs of a Super Bowl hangover, Zac Taylor’s team could be 7-3 this time next month.

10. Los Angeles Chargers (Change: +1)

The Chargers held on in overtime to beat Denver in a defensive game. Rumors did circle this week that Sean Payton could be looking to land with the Chargers if Brandon Staley were to go elsewhere.

11. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Change: -6)

12. New York Jets (Change: +5)

13. Los Angeles Rams (Change: N/A)

The Rams are still working through (never-ending) offensive line injuries. LA finished the first half with a Matt Stafford pick-six, causing fans to stress throughout the third quarter. They managed to jump ahead 24-10, but this team still is walking a fine line.

14. Green Bay Packers (Change: -4)

15. Tennessee Titans (Change: -1)

16. Indianapolis Colts (Change: +2)

17. Miami Dolphins (Change: -1)

18. Atlanta Falcons (Change: +4)

Atlanta is a tie breaker away from being the division leaders in the NFC South. The next time they face Tom Brady will be a home game. Don’t sleep on Atlanta.

19. New England Patriots (Change: +1)

20. Seattle Seahawks (Change: +3)

21. New Orleans Saints (Change: N/A)

22. Jacksonville Jaguars Change: +3)

23. Arizona Cardinals (Change: -8)

Kliff Kingsbury could be the first head coach fired and potentially mid-season. The Cardinals are a train wreck and are fortunate not to be 1-5. They are awaiting for DeAndre Hopkins return, but will that be enough?

24. Denver Broncos (Change: +2)

25. Pittsburgh Steelers (Change: +5)

26. Cleveland Browns (Change: +2)

27. Las Vegas Raiders (Change: -2)

28. Washington Commanders (Change: +1)

29. Detroit Lions (Change: -2)

30. Chicago Bears (Change: -2)

31. Houston Texans (Change: N/A)

32. Carolina Panthers (Change: N/A)