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Chaotic start to 2022 NFL season could end up working in Rams’ favor

What the heck is going on in this league?!?

NFL: Carolina Panthers at Los Angeles Rams Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

After another wacky Sunday, the 2022 NFL season has officially entered the twilight zone.

This season has already been one of the strangest in recent years, and no one has truly pulled away just yet. OK, there are three teams that have set themselves apart (Chiefs, Bills and Eagles) but THAT’S IT!

A quarter of the season has already passed and only 10 teams are above .500 heading into Monday Night Football. I fully expect the Los Angeles Chargers to remain one of those squads following tonight’s game against the Denver Broncos. If they score double-digit points they’ll win easily tonight.

Still, just 10 winning teams and 10 who are hovering around .500, now that is parity at its finest.

The LA Rams and Cincinnati Bengals, who met in Super Bowl LVI, are 3-3. Both the New Jersey Devils — sorry, “New York” Giants and Jets — are a combined 9-3 through six games. The J-E-T-S JETS, JETS, JETS are led by a strong rookie class, in particular by someone who’s been cooking up a real special Sauce.

Exactly how chaotic has the league been? Well, it’s time to enlighten you:

That’s right, the NFC has four teams above .500 and three of them reside in the East. Who expected the NFC Least to become the strongest division in football? If anyone predicted that, you’re either a liar or from the future.

So far we’re seen apparent Super Bowl hopefuls crumbling at the seams. In the NFC, the Rams, Tampa Bay Bucs and Green Bay Packers — three preseason favorites to represent the conference in Arizona this February — are all 3-3.

LA just doesn’t look dominant and are having a hangover. Tompa Bay has really been going through it this year, whether taking out his frustrations on another tablet or his O-line. I don’t feel bad for TB12 since he asked for this. Retirement is looking better and better, huh Tom? Green Bay can’t move the ball to save their lives. I get they lost Davante Adams but that shouldn’t be an excuse for an Aaron Rodgers-led offense to be this offensive.

As for the AFC, it’s a shame that the Buffalo Bills and Kansas City Chiefs can’t meet in the Super Bowl because they’re the only two that truly deserve to hoist the Lombardi. The Colts are a joke, so are the Broncos, which explains why I was begging for the sweet release of death while watching them in their infamous Thursday night matchup. The Baltimore Ravens should easily be 6-0 but they’ve choked away three late leads in their three defeats.

In a season that’s basically up for grabs, there’s only three teams that I would consider favorites (Bills, Chiefs, Eagles). There are others that I could see making a surprise playoff run (Jets, Giants ... honestly shouldn’t rule out the Dallas Cowboys either.) As for the others, I have no idea what to make of them. Both LA squads? Packers? Vikings? Bucs? Bengals? WTF?!?

Could all this uncertainty work in the Rams favor? Yes it can! Los Angeles plays in a division where the 49ers and Seahawks join them at 3-3. The Cardinals might already be falling off a Kliff and there appears to be no end in sight. Truthfully, the West is the Niners’ division to lose. They’ve had some bad losses but that could partially be blamed on all their injuries. If LA can get their act together, they can return back to the top. We might be on a collision course to seeing a record of 9-8 to 10-7 taking this division with the way things are going.

I’ll be interested in seeing how the chaos unfolds during the rest of the year. It’ll be a fascinating watch as it all goes down.

All I can say is sit back, relax and scream profanities into your life-size Cooper Kupp plushy when convenient.