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Rams-Panthers Instant Reaction: L.A. buries Carolina with strong second half

Are the Rams ready to compete for the throne again?

Carolina Panthers v Los Angeles Rams Photo by John McCoy/Getty Images

How bad did Matthew Stafford look in the first half against the Carolina Panthers and is it “overreacting” if there’s a concerning pattern developing? Well, maybe it IS overreaction because the Los Angeles Rams rebounded from a 10-7 halftime deficit to beat the Panthers with a 17-0 showing in the second half to improve to 3-3.

So we did what we do every week after every Rams game: Me, Chris Daniel, and JB Scott get together to have an instant reaction podcast!

With a pick-six that gave Carolina a lead and their only touchdown of the game, it was fair to question if Stafford (the NFL leader in interceptions) was still the right person to lead the Rams to a victory this week. Especially after losing the last two games. But Stafford and Cooper Kupp and yes, Allen Robinson, overcame a depleted offensive line situation to do enough for the Rams to win. Getting back into first place.

We talk about:

-Overreacting to Stafford’s bad first half

-If the Rams can beat the 49ers after the bye week

-Allen Robinson’s “breakout” game

-The offensive line situation after losing Joe Noteboom


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