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ESPN suggests Rams trade for Robert Quinn and Sony Michel

Could the Rams re-unite with Robert Quinn or Sony Michel?

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The NFL trade deadline is quickly approaching with just a little over two weeks until November 1st. The Los Angeles Rams haven’t shied away from making a splash in the past. Just last season they traded for edge rusher Von Miller from the Denver Broncos to help boost their Super Bowl run. Even in 2019, the Rams traded for Jalen Ramsey despite missing the postseason for the first time in the Sean McVay era.

Sitting at 2-3, the Rams could make a move the bolster the team as they head into a very difficult back-half of the schedule. There could be teams looking to accumulate draft picks in rebuilding years. ESPN’s Bill Barnwell recently suggested a pair of trades that could make sense. The first included a reunion with edge rusher Robert Quinn.

Here’s what Barnwell had to say,

The Rams miss Von Miller. Aaron Donald is still doing his thing on the interior, but the trio of Terrell Lewis, Justin Hollins and Leonard Floyd have combined for just two sacks and three quarterback knockdowns through five games...Quinn would be this year’s Miller — the veteran No. 1 edge rusher getting a chance to play next to a future Hall of Famer on the interior.

On the field, it’s a great fit. Off the field, there are two problems...Quinn still has three years left on his deal, so Los Angeles might have to cut him after the season. But with more than $9.2 million in base salary remaining due to Quinn this year, the Bears would probably need to restructure the contract and pay about $8 million or so in a signing bonus. That’s going to cost the Rams more in draft capital, just as it did with the Miller deal a year ago...The other problem is that Quinn didn’t really seem to enjoy his first go-round with the Rams. Coach Sean McVay traded him to the Miami Dolphins in 2018, and Quinn later said he felt “suffocated” in Los Angeles and that he “was not a West Coast guy.”

A trade for Quinn would almost be the dream move for the Rams. Despite the sack numbers not being where they were last season, Quinn would still lead Rams edge rushers in pressures as he is in double digits with 10.

He’s being double-teamed more often than he was last season. That wouldn’t be the case playing next to Aaron Donald again and opposite of Leonard Floyd. The Rams have missed the pass rush productivity opposite Floyd that they had with Miller. Much of the Rams’ pressure this season has been schemed by Raheem Morris. Quinn would allow the Rams to get back to rushing four.

The one issue that remains is the contract, but the Rams could likely get it to work for this season.

The trade package suggested by Barnwell would be:

Rams get: EDGE Robert Quinn
Bears get: 2023 third-round pick, 2024 third-round pick

ESPN suggested a second trade for the Rams that included another reunion. This time with running back Sony Michel. Barnwell said,

Let’s make one more Rams deal and get them a viable running back. Cam Akers simply hasn’t been good since returning from his torn Achilles; he averaged 2.6 yards per carry during the 2021 postseason and is at 3.0 yards per rush in 2022. He has also fumbled three times on 128 touches over that stretch and generated minus-47.4 expected points added...A Rams team that’s built to win now can’t rely on Akers.

Now, Michel isn’t a superstar, but he’s a solid back between the tackles and a player McVay seemed to trust at times last season when he was with the Rams. The Los Angeles Chargers seemed to phase Michel out of their rotation in Week 5, as he went from averaging 14 snaps per game to racking up two against the Cleveland Browns — and that in a game where the Chargers ran all over Cleveland. It wouldn’t be a surprise if the Chargers cut Michel when they feel Isaiah Spiller is ready to play, so this would just be making that move now and getting a late-round pick in the process.

While he’s nothing special, Michel has shown that he can provide a spark to the Rams running game as that’s exactly what he did last season. Michel led the NFL in rushing during the month of December last season with the Rams. Trading for a running back might not be a splashy move, but a necessary one.

With Akers and Darrell Henderson healthy and the team drafting Kyren Williams, the Rams opted not to bring Michel back. However, it’s clear that the current group isn’t getting the job done on the ground.

Michel has experience in the system and has shown that he can have success in it. If the Rams can get Michel for a cheap price, it might be worth exploring.

The trade package suggested by Barnwell would be:

Rams get: RB Sony Michel
Chargers get: 2024 seventh-round pick

Following the Panthers game on Sunday, the Rams will have some time to decide how active they want to be at the trade deadline. They’ve shown that they aren’t afraid to make a move in the past. If the right deal shows itself, it wouldn’t be surprising to see Les Snead make the call.