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Entering Week 6 with losing record, it’s time for the Rams to “F them picks”

With porous offensive play and no momentum, it is time for Snead and McVay to make some big moves

Los Angeles Rams v Houston Texans Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

Coming off of a Super Bowl victory, many believed that the Los Angeles Rams would come back even better than they were last season. The signings of Bobby Wagner and Allen Robinson were looked at as upgrades on both sides of the ball, and fans had some faith in a young offensive line.

However, through five games, it seems as if Los Angeles could possibly have the worst offense in the NFL. Averaging only 16 points per game, the offense has found no real groove behind perhaps the worst offensive line in the league. Not only that, but the offense is averaging only 4.8 yards per play, good for dead-last among all 32 teams. Quarterback Matthew Stafford has been sacked a whopping 21 times, tied with the Indianapolis Colts for most sacks given up in the NFL thus far. In the video below, former all-pro left tackle Joe Thomas breaks down some film from the just how the ugly performance last week against Dallas was:

A lot of folks out there will just look at those numbers and Matthew Stafford’s five TDs to his seven INTs, but there is no quarterback in the NFL that could perform well behind the O-line L.A. has run out onto the field. Not only that, but the Rams have had no real rushing attack through the first five contests, averaging only 3.2 yards per carry and 62.4 yards per game.

For contrast, the Rams Super Bowl squad last season averaged 99 yards per game on 4.0 yards per carry, providing a much more balanced attack that opposing defenses had to respect. As many know, most running backs in the NFL are similar in terms of what they are capable of, with only a few of them standing out as clear outliers who are immensely more talented than the bunch. With that being said, running back production almost always fall on the offensive line, as without rushing lanes and solid combo blocks, a running game stands no chance in this league.

The Rams should inquire on two Panthers offensive linemen

With all that being considered, especially with a duo as aggressive as Snead and McVay have shown to be in the past, it is as clear as day that it is time for the Rams to make a move if they would like to right this ship and get back into NFC West contention. Although this time around, the move will not be for a superstar skill position player, but for a steady offensive line piece.

This offseason, the Rams lost starting guard Austin Corbett to free agency, as he decided to sign with the Carolina Panthers. With the Panthers recently firing their head coach Matt Rhule, the team is likely to have a fire sale of their roster in order to stockpile on draft picks that they desperately need and also lack at the moment. It would be difficult for the Rams to afford Corbett, but I do know Les Snead had made the cap look like a complete myth in the past, so it is not the most far fetched move.

Another move the L.A. Rams could consider making with Carolina is trading for center Bradley Bozeman, a man with starting experience in the NFL at both guard and center. Bozeman is currently on the sidelines for the Panthers, as an injury prior to the season led to Pat Eflein getting a chance to play at center for Carolina, and Eflein has played well enough thus far to keep Bozeman from playing. It would likely only take a late round selection to get Bozeman from the Panthers, so it would not surprise me if L.A. made a move for the veteran C/G.

Carolina Panthers v New York Giants Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

In football, games are won and lost in the trenches, and all three of the Rams losses so far have been on the back of their offensive line. If Los Angeles wants to get their offense back to what we have become accustomed to, they will need to do some serious shuffling to their big men up front. Les Snead and Sean McVay, it is now time to ‘F them picks’ and get this team back to where they need to be.

What options do you see out there who could help L.A.’s offensive line?