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Rams News: Recap on OBJ’s clutch fourth quarter plays in LA’s win over Baltimore

Los Angeles Rams News and Links for 1/4/22

NFL: Los Angeles Rams at Baltimore Ravens Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Rams came away with a dramatic win against the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday and Odell Beckham Jr made the critical plays down the stretch to seal the deal. On the final offensive drive of the game, the Rams are down by five with under two minutes remaining. After a touchback, Matthew Stafford and the offense get the ball to start at the 25 yard line.

Stafford connects with Tyler Higbee for a first down and then gets another first down on the second play of the sequence with a pass to Cooper Kupp. A couple more consecutive completions to Kupp and Ben Skowronek followed by a two run plays by Sony Michel set the ball at the Ravens 12 yard line but in a fourth and four situation. That’s when OBJ’s number is called.

On the fourth and four, down by five, and 68 seconds remaining in the game, the Rams line up with two receivers split to the right, Skowronek on the inside and OBJ stacked to his right. The defense is in man coverage. Skowronek runs up the seam and OBJ cuts in under him. The pass rush brings four but causes Stafford to use a side arm release to shoot a laser over the middle. OBJ arrives just in time, and with a defender in tight coverage, reaches his hands out in classic OBJ fashion away from his body and secures the catch just shy of the line to gain then in one motion leans the ball over the line as he’s taken down. First down. Still alive.

On the next play, it’s first and goal from the seven yard line with 59 seconds left. The offense starts with a trips bunch formation to the right short side of the field, then motions the number one, Kupp, to across to the left, the defense reacts by shifting just as the ball is snapped. OBJ from the three spot inside runs a flare route under Skowronek again, heads toward the front pylon while Stafford is rolling out. Stafford shoots the ball right to the front corner and again OBJ is there just in time to grab the ball out of the air and usher it over the line.

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