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Every Cooper Kupp route tree from every Rams game in 2021

We know that Kupp’s been dominant for the Rams, but what does that look like on the field?

Seattle Seahawks v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images

The world is catching on: Cooper Kupp is having one of the all-time great seasons.

There are many ways to define Kupp’s remarkable run towards potentially becoming the first player to total 2,000 receiving yards in a single season, and whether that comes in 16 games or 17 games, he has no less provided NFL fans with the one thing they should never deny themselves: Entertainment.

Perhaps in Kupp’s case, it is Rams fans and fantasy owners who get to enjoy his historical efforts while everyone else must endure sulk after sulk, but hopefully everyone who says they love football can appreciate what the former FCS superstar with zero division-I scholarship offers has done over the last 17 weeks.

Though Kupp still has one more game to go, I couldn’t wait to compile every route that he’s run this season thanks to the people and computers at NextGen Stats, including his Week 4 game against the Cardinals not on their website that I had to track down by bothering the people and computers at NextGen Stats.

Enough of my words, here is a visual representation of Cooper Kupp’s amazing 2021 season:

Week 1 vs Chicago Bears - 7/108/1

  • Cooper Kupp’s first 100-yard effort in a Week 1 game

Week 2 vs Indianapolis Colts - 9/163/2

  • Most REC yards against IND by any player this season

Week 3 vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers - 9/96/2

  • One of two players (Amari Cooper) to have 90 yards and 2 TDs vs TB this season

Week 4 vs Arizona Cardinals - 5/64/0

  • Cooper Kupp’s only game of 2021 with fewer than 90 rec yards; His fifteen 90+ games is two more than any other player in NFL history

Week 5 vs Seattle Seahawks - 7/92/0

  • At the time, was Kupp’s second-most yards ever against Seattle

Week 6 vs New York Giants - 9/130/2

  • Most REC yards against NYG this season; only player with 2 REC TD vs NYG; one of only two players (Terry McLaurin) to even get 100 REC yards vs NYG

Week 7 vs Detroit Lions - 10/156/2

  • Third-most REC yards (Deebo Samuel, Justin Jefferson) vs DET this season; only player with 70+ and 2 TD vs DET; 10th player in history with 10+ REC, 2+ TD vs DET

Week 8 vs Houston Texans - 7/115/1

  • Third-most REC yards vs HOU this season; one of two players (Tyler Lockett) with 90+ and 1 TD vs HOU; Kupp vs AFC South in 2021 - 43 targets, 35 rec, 502 yards, 4 TD (only five receivers in the AFC South even have more than 502 rec yards TOTAL)

Week 9 vs Tennessee Titans - 11/95/0

  • Most REC vs TEN this season

Week 10 vs San Francisco 49ers - 11/122/0

  • One of three players (Davante Adams, A.J. Brown) with 9+ REC, 100+ yards vs SF this season; previous career-high REC vs 49ers was four receptions, previous career-high yards was 41 yards

Week 12 vs Green Bay Packers - 7/96/0

  • First career game against the Green Bay Packers; was inactive/injured in 2018 and in 2020 playoffs; Kupp vs NFC North - 46 targets, 34 rec, 469 yards, 3 TD

Week 13 vs Jacksonville Jaguars - 8/129/1

  • Out of eight players with at least 104 REC yards vs JAX, Kupp was the only one to also score a TD; Kupp has more yards in 2021 (1,829) than Jacksonville’s top THREE receivers combined (1,711); Jaguars players had zero games with over 100 yards (Marvin Jones had one exact 100-yard game) and Kupp’s 15 90-yard games is 13 more than the entire Jaguars offense

Week 14 vs Arizona Cardinals - 13/123/1

  • Most REC and most YARDS vs Cardinals of any player in 2021; one of eight players (including Robert Woods) to have ever had 13+ catches vs Cardinals franchise; Kupp’s first 100-yard game vs Arizona

Week 15 vs Seattle Seahawks - 9/136/2

  • One of three players (Deebo Samuel, George Kittle) with 90+ yards and 2 TD vs Seahawks; Kupp’s first 2 TD game vs Seattle; Kupp’s career-high yards vs Seahawks; finished with 16 catches, 228 yards vs Seattle in 2021

Week 16 vs Minnesota Vikings - 10/109/0

  • One of two players (Davante Adams) with 10+ rec and 100+ yards vs Vikings; first Rams player since Torry Holt (2003, 2005) to have four games with 10 rec, 100 yards in a single season

Week 17 vs Baltimore Ravens - 6/95/1

  • Cooper Kupp tied former Rams legend Elroy Hirsh and Jerry “I’m Jerry Rice” Rice with his 10th game this season of 90+ yards and 1+ TD. Kupp can set a new mark against the 49ers in Week 18 if he has his 11th such game.


  • 5 games with 2 TD (one shy of joining Moss, Carter, Gronk, Rice, Groman to have six+)
  • 5 games with 10+ REC (one shy of being eighth player with six+)