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Guy is mad at Odell Beckham Jr online

Some Browns fans are still unhappy that the Browns continue to be bad and OBJ is winning

NFC Championship - San Francisco 49ers v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Odell Beckham Jr wanted to play for a team that could compete for the Super Bowl. He escaped the Cleveland Browns because that franchise was clearly not headed to the Super Bowl. Now he’s with the Los Angeles Rams, a fact that is only possible based on the fact that 31 other teams could have had him—including the Browns—and not everyone is happy about that.

Daryl Ruiter of 923 The Fan in Cleveland doesn’t want the media to “ignore” how OBJ left the Browns and doesn’t understand why Beckham’s former Browns teammates could still root for him after beating the 49ers on Sunday.

(Maybe because he’s not that evil or a bad teammate, like was advertised by the Cleveland media?)

“What OBJ did to orchestrate his way out of Cleveland is a horrible precedent. The media will fawn over him the next 2 weeks but I won’t,” wrote Ruiter. “Nothing to feel good about what he did, which they will ignore. Don’t get how former #Browns teammates can be happy for a dude who quit on them.”

Strangely, we haven’t seen people out of Detroit talk this way about Matthew Stafford, and yet what is the difference between their two situations? Stafford didn’t want to be a part of another rebuild and he demanded that the team trade him even before the Lions had hired Brad Holmes to be the next general manager. If anything, it was Stafford who helped set a precedent of franchise players getting comfortable with telling their franchises that they don’t want to be responsible for starting over again. OBJ once even helped facilitate a trade off of a sinking Giants ship so that he could join the Browns at a time when they seemed to be trending upwards.

He even agreed to come play for a Cleveland Browns franchise that was so committed to winning a championship—that it hired Freddie Kitchens to be the next head coach. By OBJ’s second year with the Browns, as to be expected, he was already in his second offense after Kitchens was fired and replaced by Kevin Stefanski.

Ruiter goes on to say that OBJ owes general manager Andrew Berry—without even acknowledging that the Browns franchise is so fluid and inconsistent that Berry wasn’t even the Cleveland general manager who had traded for Odell Beckham Jr!

Odell Beckham Jr is turning 30 this year and he hadn’t posted a 100-yard game with Baker Mayfield as his quarterback since October of 2019. He was set to be a free agent in 2022 and he didn’t want to end his season on another low note. Beckham gave the Browns the opportunity to trade him and it was Berry who couldn’t find a better path for him to exit. Every team could have picked up Beckham on waivers but nobody wanted to pay his remaining ~$7 million. The “media” dragged Beckham as being washed up and said that the Rams were reaching by thinking that OBJ would be of use to them and that he would tear the locker room apart.

Meanwhile, countless Cleveland Browns players continue to tell fans directly that the Cleveland media is not to be trusted.

OBJ’s former teammates can say over and over again that he’s been a great teammate and locker room presence and yet this doesn’t fit as well into the narrative that he’s a diva who is going to have his own mid-game freakout one day and quit a team. Why?

Odell Beckham Jr left Cleveland so he could get a taste of winning. Please somebody get Cleveland out of Cleveland next, they need to lighten up.