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Sean Payton says he’s rooting against the LA Rams in playoffs: “We didn’t make it”

The Saints coach is stepping away from the team and the game right now

NFC Championship - Los Angeles Rams v New Orleans Saints Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

The NFL is losing a head coach named Sean, but it’s not the one who will be coaching in this year’s NFC Championship game on Sunday. Instead, it is Sean Payton, who announced on Tuesday that he is stepping away from the New Orleans Saints at this time and that he will consider his options in the future for other opportunities. For now, it seems that Payton’s two goals are 1) to refresh his body, mind, and soul for a different job.

2) Rooting against Sean McVay and the Los Angeles Rams.

In his outgoing press conference, Payton said that he will be rooting against the Rams because it’s their fault that the Saints missed the playoffs this year. Because San Francisco defeated the Rams in overtime in Week 18, the 49ers got the wild card berth instead of New Orleans. Had LA held onto their lead, the Rams would have had the number two seed and been hosting the Philadelphia Eagles, with the Saints facing the Tampa Bay Buccaneers; Payton went 4-0 against Tom Brady’s Buccaneers in the last two seasons.

Of course, going 9-8 was probably a lot worse for Payton’s playoff chances than whatever the Rams were supposed to do to “help” them get to the playoffs. Good luck with the Cowboys, Sean.

Other Sean.