Hee Haw

We got some old- timers on this site. I'm sure a lot of you remember the TV show Hee Haw. There was a skit that was done in every episode by Buck Owens & Roy Clark. It was called pickin & grinnin. Buck would play guitar & Roy the banjo. After a few seconds of playing Buck would say "I'm a pickin". Then Roy would say "I'm a grinnin". Then 2 members of the cast would pop up in a corn field & say some corny joke. This would continue back & forth between Buck & Roy and the members in the corn field. I thought about this because sometimes (or often) on this site it seems like I'm in some bad skit ran by certain so called fans. This skit is called "pissin & moanin". Even when my beloved Rams are winning big, all I read is how they are screwing up. It would be nice if these posters realise that this game is played by humans, imperfect humans that make errors. God knows I've made my fair share in my life. The opponents make mistakes too. Penalties, fumbles, interceptions, dropped passes, etc are all part of football. Hell the game would probably be boring without them. The object is to be the team that overcomes the blunders of the game & comes out on top. So how about being happy that my & your (for most of you anyway) beloved Rams, we enjoy the good. Chances at titles don't come around to often, unless your name is Brady, to complain all year...every game about a potential Super Bowl champion. So please tone it down, cause your pissin & moanin skit is very old & very, very much not funny !