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Eric Weddle couldn’t miss “opportunity of a lifetime” to join LA Rams for playoff run

Weddle discusses signing with the Rams on quest for championship

Chicago Bears v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

The Los Angeles Rams bought back a familiar face in Eric Weddle to help alleviate some of the injury issues plaguing the LA secondary. The six-time Pro Bowl safety has been keeping a keen eye on the Rams during the season while coaching his son’s youth football team to a championship. Hopefully he can carry that recent championship pedigree into the Rams’ locker room. Here are a few takeaways from his first press conference since rejoining the Rams.

Joining the Rams for a playoff run was the opportunity of a lifetime

“Even though I haven’t been playing football, I still train like I’m playing football, even though it was never even a remote possibility ever over the last year and a half because I was pretty much set in my decision and very happy. This is by no means me having an itch or anything like that. It was just the opportunity of a lifetime.”

Signing on for what Rams fans hope will be a four game stretch was just too good for Weddle to pass up. He added that he has lost weight and feels great. Hopefully he’s able to get back into “football shape” sooner rather than later.

Weddle ready to help, regardless of role

“I just kept coming back to I would regret it if I didn’t come and take this chance to try to help out the guys that I love, a coach that I love and try to help this team out, whatever role that is...It didn’t take much persuading.”

Once defensive coordinator Raheem Morris confirmed Weddle wasn’t “fat and out of shape” the interest in a reunion became obviously mutual.

No mental busts at practice for Weddle

“We went out there today on the field and I didn’t make a mistake on any checks or calls so by Monday night, we’ll be rocking and rolling.”

The former All-Pro said he prides himself on his ability to process information and helping his teammates get in the best position to make plays. Hopefully the communication remains up to par once the bullets are live on Monday night.

Weddle will see action against the Arizona Cardinals

“If I wasn’t going to play, I wouldn’t be here.”

Fair enough.

Before coming back, Weddle talked to Jalen Ramsey

“I did reach out to him because this is his defense, him and A.D. (Aaron Donald) and I just wanted to make sure that he is good and on board with it. I didn’t have to do any real persuading. He said ‘Get your butt out here. That would be the best Christmas gift ever!’...To hear him say that made me more confident to come back.”

Listening to Weddle talk about Ramsey, it’s clear they have a special relationship. He also added that he has gotten on Ramsey during the season whenever he let a few things slip during a game.

Weddle will be wearing number 20 for this playoff run. Thankfully, the Baltimore Ravens won’t be in the Super Bowl this year so Rams fans won’t have to worry about him refusing to give insight on how to stop the Lamar Jackson and company in the big game.