Rams Need To Talk

I am very concerned that the Rams will not be even close to being ready to play the Cardinals. The players put everything they had out on the field against San Francisco and lost. It may have taken something out of them that cannot be easily overcome. With the atrocious play calling when they had the lead with over a minute to go, there has to be some frustration building up toward the coaching staff. Do these guys get a chance to vent? If they do, they can move on and prepare for the next game. Otherwise, they may fail miserably due to their Niners hangover.

The Rams need to talk and work this out. Then they need to remind themselves that redemption is possibile. If the 49ers, Bucs, and Rams win in round one, then the Niners are on their way to Wisconsin. If they win there while the Rams defeat the Bucs, it solves two problems. One, the Rams can put away their ear muffs, and two, they get another shot at the 49ers in the NFC Championship game . Wouldn't that be fun?