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Rams offensive line gets bullied in the trenches, but claims problems are fixable

The O-line allowed five sacks and struggled in the run game against the 49ers

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Los Angeles Rams v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

The Los Angeles Rams’ winning streak came to came to an abrupt end against the San Francisco 49ers in SoFi Stadium, as the stands were packed full of red jerseys. Once again, the Rams were forced to use the silent count at home. While the noise didn’t appear to be a primary factor in the offensive line’s struggles, it obviously did not help.

Pass Protection: F

The 49ers defensive front dominated the line of scrimmage. Matthew Stafford was sacked five times and hit constantly throughout the game. San Francisco was able to have a consistent get off on the snap. According to Pro Football Focus, LA’s guards had exceptionally rough days, as David Edwards and Austin Corbett collectively allowed 15 pressures and three sacks. With that being said, PFF did credit the Rams offensive line with allowing a total of six sacks though, as previously mentioned, Stafford was dropped only five times.

Run Blocking: F

The run game wasn’t much better. In fact, it could be argued that it was actually worse. LA’s running backs averaged only 1.7 yards per carry. There was no room to run at all. No run game, no real threat with play action. It was one of, if not the worst O-line performance of the season.

Right tackle Rob Havenstein admitted there were struggles against the 49ers front, but noted that the problems are fixable.

“In certain plays, certain areas we gave up some penetration that was not how we want to get it done. Little breakdowns in technique or something like that. Whether or not we adjusted well enough during the game after it happened one or two times...Everything is fixable.”

Hopefully it gets fixed before Monday’s game against the Arizona Cardinals.

Penalties: A

There were no flags thrown against the Rams’ offensive line. Well, at least we’ll always have that. With the 49ers fan base turning SoFi into at least a neutral field, I guess it’s somewhat of an accomplishment that there we no false start penalties due to crowd noise.

Los Angeles Rams fans, lets find a way to greet the Cardinals with a packed stadium, full of blue, bone, and sol.