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Jared Goff rooting against Rams in the playoffs?

LA’s former number one pick had some choice words to Davante Adams on Sunday

Green Bay Packers v Detroit Lions Photo by Nic Antaya/Getty Images

The Los Angeles Rams traded the farm to move up for Jared Goff in 2016 because Les Snead and company believed in him so hard. The team and the quarterback struggled in Jeff Fisher’s final season but then with Sean McVay at the helm, Goff helped the Rams go 24-8 with a Super Bowl appearance over the next two years, resulting in tens of millions of dollars guaranteed to land in the pocket of the former Cal quarterback. Goff built strong relationships with dozens of teammates, coaches, and front office personnel with the Rams organization so of course he must have at least some thoughts on what he wants to happen in the upcoming playoffs as LA begins another postseason journey as winners of the NFC West....

Something like, “Go Packers.”

Following a 37-30 “upset” over Jordan Love’s Green Bay Packers on Sunday—a game that was meaningless to the Packers but a loss would have given the Detroit Lions the number one pick and a guaranteed chance to select hometown edge rusher Aidan Hutchinson—Goff seemingly tells Green Bay receiver Davante Adams three words... “Go win it.”

Perhaps there’s no way to tell if Goff would have had the same message for Cooper Kupp at the end of the season but he suddenly seems invested in watching Green Bay—the team that knocked him and the Rams out of the playoffs a year ago—knock LA and every other franchise out of the postseason in the coming month. Perhaps he is just Cal loyal to Aaron Rodgers but in this case he’s sharing words of encouragement directly to Fresno State’s Davante Adams.

To Goff’s credit, he must be feeling himself after a much stronger finish to his first season in Detroit than how it began: The Lions went 3-2-1 in Goff’s final six starts and he had 11 touchdowns, two interceptions, and two lost fumbles during that stretch. Goff will be returning as the Lions Week 1 starter in 2022 and Detroit will have no excuses for anything less than a .500 record, so perhaps next year he can root for himself in the playoffs.

This year, he seems to indirectly be rooting against the Rams.