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Who are you most excited to see on the Rams this season?

After Matthew Stafford, there are quite a few options to choose from!

Los Angeles Rams Training Camp Photo by Jeff Gritchen/MediaNews Group/Orange County Register via Getty Images

We are only three days away from the LA Rams beginning their 2021 season and putting to rest all the speculation and predictions of what will happen when Matthew Stafford plays his first professional game away from the Detroit Lions. In fact, Stafford can put those NFC North days well behind him by getting a Week 1 victory over ...

The Chicago Bears.

(Want to know more about the Bears? Check out our Q&A with the enemy)

But we all know we’re excited to see Stafford play for the Rams. If I asked you which player you were most excited to see on the Rams this year, and you didn’t answer Matthew Stafford, I’d question your willingness to ever give an expected answer. We get it, you’re different, you’re unique, you’re a special case of somebody who couldn’t wait to see if Matt Orzech can make us all forget about Jake McQuaide.

No problem.

However, in this case, I’m going to do both of us a favor and throw out the option of choosing Matthew Stafford at all.

This week, I asked 11 people who write about the LA Rams three questions about the upcoming season. I will post their answers anonymously and then give you the opportunity to post your own replies in the comments below.

Other than Matthew Stafford, who are you most looking forward to seeing on the 2021 LA Rams?

Summary of answers:

  • 5 people went with some form of Darrell Henderson or Sony Michel
  • 2 people mentioned Brian Allen
  • There were 3 mentions of a cornerback, but never the same cornerback twice
  • One vote for Van Jefferson, one vote for DeSean Jackson
  • Every writer seems to fully understand that Tutu Atwell, Jacob Harris, and Jake Funk may see a lot more time on special teams than offense, which is why they were not mentioned, I’m guessing
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Full answers:

I’m intrigued to see what the ceiling might be for Darrell Henderson, what his share of the carries will be and whether he can avoid injury.

Jalen Ramsey in the Star

I’m excited to see what Darious Williams can do to follow up last season.

I’m excited to see Sony Michel. I wanted to go with Jonah Williams or Chris Garrett here but, realistically, they probably will be limited in opportunities. Plus, I think Michel is actually the best back on the roster (nothing against Hendo. We love Hendo!)

Brian Allen. The offensive line goes as Allen goes. And the offense will only be as good as the offensive line.

Running Back. Henderson / Michel

Van Jefferson, with a season under his belt how will McVay utilize him?

Brian Allen/David Long

Sony Michel

DeSean Jackson

Definitely most intrigued to see Darrell Henderson in his first year was a legit starter. I think he’s being vastly underrated and is going to turn heads.

So, who are you most excited to see?

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