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Warren Sapp went gaga when talking about Aaron Donald

“Best one-on-one pass rusher I’ve ever seen. It ain’t even close.”

NFL: Los Angeles Rams at Arizona Cardinals Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports
  • Hall of Fame defensive tackle Warren Sapp called Aaron Donald the best pass rusher of all time. Period.
  • Sapp says teams aren’t willing to run the football, so Donald’s pass rushing attributes are even more valuable
  • Also says Sean McVay and Matthew Stafford is a deadly combination — “He was this good in Detroit”

Warren Sapp was widely regarded as a “generational” defensive tackle during his 13 seasons in the NFL, being named to seven Pro Bowls and four first team All-Pro rosters with the Buccaneers, prior to joining the Raiders for four seasons. He was also more than just a big-bodied run-stuffer, notching 96.5 career sacks, including 12.5 during his Defensive Player of the Year campaign in 1999.

And even Warren Sapp knows that the NFL has never seen a better interior pass rusher than Aaron Donald.

Maybe even the best pass rusher period.

On Thursday, Sapp appeared on The Rich Eisen Show and he spent seven minutes gushing over the riches of the 2021 Los Angeles Rams. Sapp first praised SoFi Stadium (“Oh my Goooodddd. There’s nothing better.”), before giving credit to the Rams for their play through three games this season, including their 34-24 win over his Tampa Bay Bucs last Sunday. Sapp noted that you need to score at least 30 to compete in the modern NFL and Matthew Stafford now gives LA the chance to do that every week.

“He threw the ball like that in Detroit. But they didn’t have 99 on the other side, Jalen Ramsey, and the other pieces, and those young DBs they have back there. The ability to go out and play defense with him.”

Eisen then prods Sapp to give more insight into just how Aaron Donald is, and Sapp says that he’s the best he’s ever seen.

“His balance, his anticipation, his knowledge. I know he watches a ton of film. And he doesn’t sell it short.”

After noting that Donald isn’t as good of a run defender as he is a pass rusher, Sapp says that Aaron Donald is “the best thing I’ve ever seen.”

“Rushing the passer? No doubt about it. No debut about it. It ain’t even close. Inside? That kid’s it. Oh man! I love the way he gets the edge and flips and goes. I love his motor. I just wish he played that run a little bit more.”

The whole clip is worth watching because it’s hard not to imagine that Warren Sapp wished he had been rooting for the Rams on Sunday instead of the Bucs. He’s enamored with this team.