Final 53 Reckoning

On 7/30 I posted a Ram final roster speculation. Now that the chips have fallen, I must close things out with the results.

Not gonna be a total politician and shine up what I got right, instead I'll focus on where I missed. But I will make some excuses and pass some blame onto others. LOL.

QB:.2 of 3 Did not see Rams keeping three. Perkins played his way on to the roster and I'm a fan. Happy to be wrong here.

RB: 2 of 4 Missed on Calais and Jones. Injuries to both probably caused their demise. I knew deep down the Rams had to bring another RB, But I made my speculations before the Michel addition.

WR: 5 of 6 I chose Trishton Jackson over Skowronek. Thought I had it with Skow's broken arm. I like TJax's traits, but there are so many talented WR prospects available. His untimely injury and more to the point, his inability to add value on ST led to his demise.

TE:4 of 4 Fell my way.

OL: 7 of 10 I had the Rams only keeping eight. While Shelton played well vs. opponents 2's and 3's, he is a mediocre, career PS player. Oops, I completely missed (not even a mention) Evans in my 7/30 post, unfortunately I didn't miss his struggles at G vs. other teams backups. Alaric Jackson making the 53 is surprising, still think he needs a year. I'll step out and say he'll be out when the IR guys get healed up.

ST: 2 of 3 Politicked for Hekker to be traded. It now seems the whole competition was not meant to light a fire under him, but a shakedown of his contract. Don't get me wrong though, I still like Hekker's return.

CB: Added extra 1 Rams only kept four. I had them keeping Deayon, but it wasn't a strong opinion, I didn't even bold his name.

S: 5 of 6 Hughes was an addition I didn't note. I thought he played zone well and came up to tackle very well, albeit vs. backups. Willingness to come up be tough is a +trait for S.

ILB: 3 of 4 Picked Rozeboom over Young because #1, he can play both ILB spots and #2 I thought Young was a little soft in the run game. Rams thought different.

E: 4 of 5 My biggest miss. I thought Daka's athletic traits might sneak him in that 5th slot. Instead it was Garrett who flashed the speed and bend around the corner, but still think he's another guy who's a year away.

DL: 6 of 7 Very happy for Williams, his size, length, and speed/athleticism are traits that can't be taught. he.s got some pass rush moves too.

A final thought on something I mentioned in the earlier Fanpost.

In preseason games, DC Morris did show a lot of four-man fronts. He used two DL's and two E's. I hope this was a vanilla scheme just to determine who can hold ground. And I realize it wasn't the starters.

Still, I wouldn't call the Rams a finese D team, but they're not bullies either. On passing downs (7+yards) fine, But I think this alignment will allow teams to push them around on early downs.