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Former NFL pass rusher ranks Aaron Donald in his top-10 players of all-time

Is it actually that crazy?

NFL: Chicago Bears at Los Angeles Rams Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

I would almost never write about a TV show’s list or an opinion of a former player that could be considered somewhat benign, but when I saw this, I had no other choice.

Is Aaron Donald one of the top-10 players in the NFL today? No question.

Top-10 of his generation? Yes.

Top-10 of the 21st century? Absolutely.

Top-10 defensive player of all-time? Maybe. It’s fair to wonder.

How about top-10 player all-time, period?

That’s what Marcellus Wiley was willing to go on record with this week, ranking Aaron Donald as the 10th-best player of all-time, behind such NFL legends as Barry Sanders, Bruce Smith, Deion Sanders, and Dan Marino. And ahead of ... virtually everybody that’s ever played football, including Jerry Rice, as well as many legendary Rams players other than Donald.

It’s easy to call out a list as salacious or as “clickbait” but it is also everybody’s right to have their own opinion on a top-10 list and while there are notable omissions and surprising inclusions, such as Patrick Willis at number seven.

Seeing Aaron Donald on a top-10 player list of all-time is surprising, but isn’t it also justifiable? Aaron Donald may only be 30 but ... Aaron Donald is only 30!

Is Aaron Donald already one of the top-10 players in NFL history?