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3 final thoughts on Rams win over Bears

This is what you can take away from the first game of LA’s season

NFL: Chicago Bears at Los Angeles Rams Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

There was a lot of good news to come out of the LA Rams’ 34-14 win over the Chicago Bears in Week 1, not the least of which is a relatively clean bill of health.

We’ve said a lot about the game on Turf Show Times already within the first two days of the game ending, gotten many takeaways and thoughts from different voices, including from the TST community. With much of it settled now, I laid out three final thoughts in this Tuesday’s edition of “What I Loved, What I Hated, and What I was Indifferent About” on the Turf Show Times podcast.

Listen on iTunes by clicking here and subscribe to Turf Show Times for LA Rams updates and more weekly segments — or just click the play button below. I’ll post what my final three thoughts are after the podcast player.

  1. I loved that we finally got to see Matthew Stafford in a Rams uniform, and that he was everything LA hoped for in his debut. Stafford broke personal bests and the Rams offense was as good as its been since 2018 — but from a passing perspective, LA’s offense could be much better.
  2. I hated that it was only one game! It’s not that I’m anxious to get to the middle of the season — we all miss football too for those 8-9 months without it — but I’d like get past overreactions, as well as fast forward to a good 10-game look on some of LA’s players like Van Jefferson and Justin Hollins.
  3. I am indifferent to the fact that the Rams didn’t have a bunch of sacks and allowed some big rushing gains early. David Montgomery had a 41-yard run but it wasn’t as though every run was like that. The Rams knew that if they played the game they wanted to play it, that they would win. They played it how they wanted to play it — better than expected even — and they won.