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Should the Rams be considered the favorites to win the NFC?

We asked 11 people who cover the team

Los Angeles Rams Training Camp Photo by Jeff Gritchen/MediaNews Group/Orange County Register via Getty Images

I asked 11 people who cover the Los Angeles Rams three questions about the team headed into Sunday night’s opener. Today, it’s question three.

Question 1: Which player are you most excited to see on the Rams?

Question 2: Who is the biggest threat in the NFC West?

And today’s question that I sent to 11 writers:

Should the Rams be the favorites in the NFC?

(Question was posed prior to the Bucs winning on Thursday night.)

Summary: Roughly five of the respondents were willing to say that the Rams are or very well could be the favorites in the conference. Most were siding with the Buccaneers, while the Packers also received some love as potentially the best team in the NFC.

Rams should be the favorite but if you want to give it to the Bucs who are the defending champions and brought back that whole entire team I can’t blame you.

I’d certainly have the Rams in the conversation, but Tampa Bay is still on top until proven otherwise.


Top-3, below Packers and Bucs

No (Bucs)

Rams are the most complete team and have the least amount of questions going into the season.

No. Fair to project Packers and Bucs ahead but no one else. But that's why it’ll be considered a surprise ending when the Rams win the conference.

The Bucs should be favored since they are the champs and returned ALL 2020 starters. Sure, the Rams beat them last year, but that was November 23rd. Thanksgiving was November 26th. Nothing that happens to a Tom Brady led team counts before Thanksgiving. That’s when he turns it on. I’ve seen it too many times.

As of today, I’m going to say yes. It won’t be easy but Seattle didn’t do enough during the offseason to improve their O-line, Niners need to stay healthy (which they haven’t been able to do), and Kingsbury is still Kingsbury.

I would still put the Bucs and probably the Packers ahead of them right now, but it’s close.

yes…if they stay healthy

Should the Rams be the favorites in the NFC?