Ram/Cowboy Controlled Scrimmage

Came away with few thoughts after the live streamed scrimmage.

First a few thoughts about the quality of the broadcast. You would think America's Team would have a decently produced and packaged product. Seemed like plenty of cameras and on-air talent, but a really disjointed presentation. Too many shots of the talent while play was happening, no direction of cameras and a lot of jumping from split-screen to full with no rhyme or reason.

For our local high we set up four high-angle cameras and get outstanding coverage albeit no closeups of coaches, high fives or players sharing a laugh.

Rant over, on to the action.

Overall the Cowboys were more aggressive and chippy, the Rams seemed to be going at 3/4 speed. Defense just made an opening push and then filled the gaps. Not a lot of real hand-fighting and aggressive block-shedding moves. The offense was very vanilla.

Play opened with punt teams. Calais and Akers were the returners. A lot of rotating on coverage and return teams. ILB Jones, CB Long, RB Funk, ILB Rozeboom, S Scott, and S Gervase all saw action on both units. No KO, FG or XP action.

QB: Stafford moved around well and was on target for the most part. With Wolford out, Hodges was second QB in and didn't look comfortable. Perkins completed more passes and looked better overall than Hodges. Didn't get to see him use his running ability.

RB: Hendo had some nice runs and broke one to the outside for a long gain. Funk and Jones didn't flash. Calais had a catch for nice gain. Since it was a Cowboy telecast, they cut away from Ram running game

WR: Woods and Kupp were solid, as was Jefferson. DJax got deep behind the defense three times, corralled one and has a couple of short grabs. TJackson and Koski each had couple of grabs over the middle. Atwell showed his speed on a swing pass for good gain.

TE: Higbee had a handful of check downs and Hopkins had a catch and run. Saw Mundt play offense but don't remember any flash. Nothing from Blanton and Harris but punt return duty.

OL: Nothing really stood out. Protection was overall good on both 1st and 2nd units. Rotation was exactly like in previous reports. Shelton struggled at G with backups.

DL: Again, just getting a lather up, no real swims, chops or push-pulls, just bull rushes. Hoecht and Williams showed some good burst off the snap.

E: Not much of anything from this unit, Garrett showed speed off the edge a couple plays but mostly engaging, reading and holding gaps.

ILB: Kiser and Young were the first group, neither flashed. Reeder and Howard were, I thought, the best combination. Reeder shot the gap a couple plays for losses. Jones was quiet. Don't remember seeing Rozeboom except for punt coverages.

S: Fuller and Rapp started but Burgess rotated in a lot. Solid showing by this unit, not much passing over middle and they came to support run defense.

CB: Ramsey was a blanket, except for one really sweet out move by Lamb. Long was beaten badly three times but came back and had two nice breakups. Williams didn't get much action, played well, although did get beat for a RZ TD, on nice high pass and catch in the corner.

BoyGenius said he just wanted to get the starters some work and that's what the Rams did. Not a lot of emotion and a measured effort that stayed close to the vest.