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4 important things that Rams players, coaches said after Monday practice

Does Head Coach Sean McVay have a plan for protecting quarterback Matthew Stafford at practice going forward?

NFL: Los Angeles Rams Minicamp Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

Monday’s pressers signal the end to another training camp session. Head Coach Sean McVay and several of the Los Angeles Rams players covered a wide range of topics from steps that could be taken to minimize risks for particular injuries, to expectations for second round draft pick wide receiver Tutu Atwell once he is activated from the Reserve/COVID-19 list.

Sean McVay on steps to prevent further injury to Matthew Stafford’s throwing hand

(3:00) “I feel stupid that I didn’t implement some of the things to prevent that. I’ve seen some teams around the league that have those shells on their helmets that, you know you can at least soften the blow when you do come down on the top of it and hopefully you don’t have to learn the hard way. You start implementing things like that to try to just minimize the risk for injury.”

Near the end of Monday’s practice, Matthew Stafford injured the surgically repaired thumb on his throwing hand. While the injury isn’t expected to be serious at this point, McVay did take some time to address a potential preventative measure going forward. McVay expects to have more information on Stafford in the following days.

DeSean Jackson discusses how he feels physically as a 14 year veteran

(00:47) “Body’s feeling great. Coach McVay and [wide receiver] Coach Eric Yarber, Reggie and the training staff, they’re doing a good job of keeping me fresh, but at the same time letting me get my work in... I was just telling somebody else I could probably play another five years in this offense…I think they have a science to it, just knowing how to get work in and how to take care of your veteran players. Not working too hard and not overworking them.”

DeSean Jackson playing another five years in McVay’s system is probably a bit tongue and cheek but it would be interesting to keep him around for more than just the 2021 season. Yes, we have speedster rookie wide receiver Tutu Atwell around to take the top off opposing defense and to stretch the field horizontally on jet sweeps, but there is one thing better than having one deep threat. That of course, would be having two deep threats. In order to make that a reality, Jackson will need to remain relatively healthy and come down on that price tag in 2022.

Sebastian Joseph-Day on his main focus this past offseason and the level of competition at practice

(01:50) “My pass rush. That was my biggest thing. I know my role my first two years starting was first and second down, stopping the run and that was a big thing for me and a big thing when I talked with [defensive line coach Eric Henderson]Coach Henny, I think he really wanted me to hone in on pass rush.”

(03:55) “They’re just locked in and it’s great to see because you know we’re always pushing each other back-and-forth and that competitive excellence is going to breed success.”

Although he has primarily been a run defender during his time in the league, defensive lineman Sebastian Joseph-Day will most certainly need to increase his sack total from just one in 2020. The additional motivation of playing in a contract year, combined with his offseason work should assist in getting the job done. Playing alongside of the best defender in the NFL in Aaron Donald won’t hurt either.

Cooper Kupp’s advice and expectations for Tutu Atwell, upon his return from the Reserve/COVID-19 list.

(05:30) “I think the first thing is just getting back, just going again. He’s in our meetings, in terms of the zoom calls and stuff like that…He’s learning the stuff but there’s nothing better than doing it yourself. Being able to just see the rep, live the rep. I think that’s the big thing is just getting him reps through this thing and just making sure maximizing each of those. He’ll do a great job. I have no doubts about him being able to step back into this thing and he’s going to be a big piece of things this year.”

Tutu Atwell, the 57th pick in the 2021 NFL draft, finds himself starting his first training camp a bit behind the proverbial eight ball. Fortunately for Atwell, he was drafted to a team with a very unselfish wide receiver room, with great veteran presence. Kupp expects the former Louisville blazer to hit the ground running, and to thrive in his role this season. Surely most Rams fans expect the same.

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