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Random Ramsdom: Matthew Stafford goes deep with ESPN

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NFL: Las Vegas Raiders at Los Angeles Rams Joint Practice Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Los Angeles Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford shared his thoughts on his experiences and his career to this point with ESPN’s Seth Wickersham. As the subject of the sports network’s cover story, the 12 year veteran QB discussed a variety of topics ranging from his time in Detroit, his view during the trade, and how he’s adjusting to Sean McVay’s offense.

Wickersham describe’s Stafford’s perspective of his years with the Lions as a positive and sentimental one. Stafford took on the responsibility from the start of revamping the franchise and building it up to championship caliber. When the team failed to make the playoffs or produce winning records year after year, Stafford never blamed the organization but instead remained loyal and with a sense of duty and responsibility. His wife Kelly Stafford describes his mental toughness and creativity in all the times and ways that he would reignite his motivation at the start of each season.

Also covered in the story is the serendipitous manner in which Andrew Whitworth, Sean McVay, and Matthew Stafford, all ended up at the same resort in Cabo, Mexico when the trade process began and when it came to it’s rapid close. This part gives a glimpse at what McVay values aside from the physical talents of Stafford but also the “inventory” of knowledge and experience that would come with someone who’s been in the league for so long.

We also get a feel for Stafford’s view on the expectations that have come along with his new position. The expectation to win a championship is what he wanted all along.

“I play this game to try to win superbowls” said Matthew Stafford “I would love to have the opportunity to play in that game as many times as I possibly can from here on out.”

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