Running Back Replacements: Who are those guys?

Due to the Akers and Calais injuries, the Rams face a major decision on whether or not to replace their spots on the RB unit.

Should they stand pat with Hendo, Funk, Jones, and Anderson? Or bring in a experienced retread? Anderson should get some significant snaps on Saturday, but is still a longshot to make the 53.

I don't think too highly of the RB free agents currently available, but I'm certainly not going let that stop me from throwing in on the subject.

Here's three more possible long shots. Reports were that Rams met with all three. But I can't find the citations right now.

Ryquell Armstead 5'11" 220 lbs., 4.45

Aggressive 100%er who runs straight downhill with balance and power. His film shows a good cutback runner who easily breaks arm tackles, can catch passes, and plus long speed. He always finishes low and plowing forward.Not a subtle change of direction runner, has the size and demeanor to wear down defenses and experience in zone schemes.

Former Jacksonville 5th rounder who had NFL snaps in 2019. Had severe reaction to Covid, missed all of 2020 and was cut loose by Jags. Picked up by NY Giants. According to a NY Daily News source, he wasn't physically prepared to compete at training camp. He had lost 20 Lbs. He has been working on his own since.

This guy has good traits and gathered a bunch of buzz when he came out. If he's kept up his work and is back healthy, he could help out later in season.

Stevie Scott 6'1" 230 lbs., 4.66

Another big power guy, who also shows good vision and patience. Ran 90% zone schemes in college with good production vs. good competition. Good receiver short routes and excellent pass blocker. Stellar on short yardage and in RedZone. Only five fumbles in three years at Indiana. Makes good jump cuts and uses long arms for stiffarms. always falling forward.

So why is he a UDFA? He lacks burst and long speed. He is not a big play threat. His physical style led to some college injuries, none major. The big, power backs are out of favor in current NFL. He signed with Saints and couldn't pass Latavius Murray.

Best comparison would Malcom Brown. Block, short yardage, and ST. Was recruited at ILB, and likes to block, he might add value on ST.

Kerrith Whyte 5'10" 200 lbs., 4.36

Speed guy who runs downhill. He's not a power back just linear. He puts a foot down, cuts and bursts through holes. Has enough size to break tackles but it's his speed that causes defenders into bad angles. Good balance and explodes off jump cuts. Stops and restarts fast. No history of injuries.

Not very good in pass pro. Doesn't show vision and rarely shows patience on waiting for blocks. He just goes. Didn't rate a Combine invite.

Drafted in 7th by Bears in 2019 and snatched off PS by Steelers later in season. Saw some offensive snaps with Steelers and actually led team in KR avg. Played last year in Detroit, put on PS/Injury list with undisclosed ailment. Couldn't find out what it was.

This guy might be a good comparison with Calais. A stellar college kick returner who has true breakaway speed. Tested off the charts. 4.36, 11' LJ, and 42" vertical.

If the rams decide to make a RB roster addition, he probably won't get much of an audition in the last preseason game. Still, there are over two weeks to learn the offense and show out before the season starts.