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What did Jalen Ramsey have to say about Justin Jefferson & Hunter Renfrow?

Jalen Ramsey may be on the verge of taking his game to another level

NFL: Las Vegas Raiders at Los Angeles Rams Joint Practice Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

All Pro cornerback Jalen Ramsey has been in the headlines due to his performance during the Los Angeles Rams joint practices with the Las Vegas Raiders and his alleged toasting by wide receiver Hunter Renfrow. Ramsey put that to bed at Thursday’s post practice press conference, as well as addressing comments made by Minnesota Vikings wider receiver Justin Jefferson.

Ramsey thinks joint practices are needed, especially since he isn’t getting any reps during the preseason.

(00:33) “Going against the same players all the time, you can kind of get content a little bit. You try not to but you can get content a little bit. Going against a different team, different styles, body types, is always good. It’s definitely disappointing that we didn’t get to finish.”

While practicing against the loaded Rams offense everyday can definitely create an “iron sharpens iron” situation, there is something to be said about competing against a different team with a different scheme than what you’re used to seeing.

With LA placing such a high priority on the opportunity to have these joint practices, it is a shame that so many skirmishes, including the final blowup during the special teams period, caused the practice to end early.

The defense is not close to where it needs to be to start the season.

(02:05) “Not yet, if I’m being honest about it. But we’ve got some time left, do whatever we’ve got to do to get it together. …Our standards are so high. Put it that way. It’s not like we’re out here doing terrible or doing bad, but our standards are so high that anything below being elite is not enough, so we’ve just got to push ourselves to those limits.”

There is no debating the standard for defense in Los Angeles is at an all-time high this season. That’s what happens when you end the 2020 season with the number one ranked defense in the NFL. Whether it’s fair or not, anything outside of a top ten defense would be a complete disappointment on that side of the ball.

Ramsey expects to take his game to the next level with the help of defensive coordinator Raheem Morris.

(03:45) “A lot of different techniques I picked up inside and outside corner. Things that helped my game be a little smoother, a lot less wasted movements. He’s (Coach Morris) also teaching me about the offense and how I should be thinking about the game a little bit more. These are things that Staley (former defensive coordinator Brandon Staley) started…Coach “Heems” brought it this year and kind of taking it to another level, and maybe I’m just listening a little bit more.”

For LA Rams fans, the thought of Ramsey taking his game to the next level is exhilarating. For wide receivers and offensive coordinators around the league, that idea should be terrifying. A more cerebral approach with a better understanding of how offensive schemes are designed can most definitely add something to Ramsey’s game, or any defender for that matter. It may even lead to more interceptions by the newly minted number 5, where instead of locking his man down every snap, he may bait the quarterback into throwing the ball right to him.

Ramsey doesn’t have his matchup with Justin Jefferson circled on the schedule.

(05:40) “The receivers told me about Justin Jefferson’s comments, how he had our game circled…So then I went and checked it out and saw it. It is what is. I feel like the media blows things out of proportion. I think he said it out of a competitive spirit. I don’t really look too much into it. We’ll see him when we see him. We’ve got a lot more games before we play them I think, so I’m not really worried about that.”

Jefferson set the league on fire in 2020, racking up a rookie record 1,400 receiving yards and 7 touchdowns on 88 catches, but I don’t think that success is going to be there in week 16, when the Vikings host LA. Ramsey does very well against taller receivers. I’m sure once the time comes, the best corner in the league will be a little more fired up for the matchup, especially considering an added competitive bonus of matching up with Adam Thielen.

Did Jalen Lattrel Ramsey really getting burned by Hunter Renfrow?

(06:30) “Some of their (Las Vegas Raiders) media thought that Hunter Renfrow had a really good day against me. I still can’t find the plays. I done watched the film twice and I still can’t find the plays where I was burnt multiple times. But sure. He had one good catch on me yesterday, six yards, still a fourth down. I get that sometimes mentioning my name going against certain receivers may give them buzz and it may pump them up some. This is no disrespect to Hunter Renfrow, because I actually think he’s a pretty good player. I think he has some Cooper Kupp in him. …Watching the film, I played pretty well yesterday so maybe people just need to learn the differences between zone and man.”

I need to see the proof. If Ramsey got smoked as many times as people said he did, there would be some video of it. Sure, maybe there’s no video of the first time Renfrow got the best of the former Florida State baller. But if it happened once, there would be multiple cameras pointed in the direction of that match up, hoping to catch lightning in the bottle twice.

If anyone has a link to this alleged burning, please post it in the comments. I have a funny feeling there will be no link.