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4 Rams players who have been conspicuously quiet in training camp so far

Rams training camp in Irvine, CA.

The following words are in no way condemning the four names below. Not much has happened in training camp yet, reports are inconclusive, the Rams intentionally keep some secrets, and players don’t even put pads on until this week. So, the following words are in no way condemning the four names below.

They could all have bright futures, it’s just a matter of fact that through the first week of training camp we haven’t heard much about these players yet. Despite high expectations and key roles entering training camp, and positive reports coming to light for some of their teammates, we’ve yet to learn much about these four names.

I’ll list them below the podcast player, but I explain why I chose these four names — as well as positive reports about some of their teammates who are competing for those same jobs — in a new episode of Pod-TST. Subscribe on your podcast players at home for regular show updates all through 2021 Rams training camp.

When are we going to hear more about:

LB Terrell Lewis

It seemed that Lewis was the most attractive name competing to start opposite of Leonard Floyd, but so far there’s been more news about Justin Hollins than of Lewis.

TE Brycen Hopkins

With Gerald Everett out of the picture, Hopkins seemed to have the inside track on the number two tight end job. Instead, little has been said about Hopkins while a couple of his tight end teammates have gotten positive reports.

RG Bobby Evans

Maybe the less we hear about Evans, the better. As an offensive lineman, it’s not necessarily your job to stand out in training camp. Again, no pads. But as the new guy among the starters, people are hoping to hear that the 2021 offensive line is already in midseason form and it seems like even Brian Allen’s gotten more mention in the last week.

LB Kenny Young

It could be that McVay uses such a heavy rotation of his linebackers that the term “starters” doesn’t even matter, but Young has gotten a little less mention through the first week of camp than a few of his linebacker teammates. This whole group seems to get along and root for each other though, so it’s the depth that really matters anyway.

I go more in depth during a short episode of Pod-TST.