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More on what Andy Benoit is expected to do for Sean McVay with the Rams

Peter King met with Benoit last week

NFL: JUL 31 Los Angeles Rams Training Camp Photo by Icon Sportswire

Football Morning In America’s Peter King gave a shoutout to former colleague Andy Benoit on Sunday, days after it was announced that Benoit had been hired as an assistant to Sean McVay. King gave further insight into what Benoit’s duties will be with the LA Rams, as well as ridiculously high expectations.

I saw Andy on Saturday when I was at Rams camp, and he is thrilled with the development, and McVay told me he’s happy to have Andy on staff. It’s such a cool thing to see Andy pursue his dreams. When he was writing, he was such a great student of the game—studying tape of every game, and using his contact with 50, 75, 100 coaches to ask, “Am I seeing this right? What are you doing in this formation?” He’d urge me to approve expense money so he could travel to places like Mobile for the Senior Bowl and Indy for the Combine so he could spend sessions with assistant coaches league-wide to study his craft. Sean McVay told me Andy will start on the ground floor as his personal assistant, learning the basic stuff like how to do a practice script. His office will be adjacent to McVay’s so he can learn everything straight from the boss, and at practice Saturday he trailed the boss around the field, just observing. One day, if all goes well, McVay hopes Andy Benoit can be hit Ernie Adams, the deep-thinking master of private projects for Bill Belichick for lo these many years. High expectations. I really like Andy a lot, and I’m pulling for him.

It’s impressive that Benoit put that much work into his independent journalism and to me signals a willingness to make the sacrifices that few others will. It’s still probably not fair to Benoit to compare him to the guy who has literally been in the NFL in each of the last six decades and won six Super Bowls. Quite yet.

There is no reason in the world to not root for Andy Benoit to be successful with the Rams.