Final 53 Speculation Redux Post Charger Game

First a few thoughts about the game. I 'm gonna take the optimistic lane.

Just like the Cowboy scrimmage, the Chargers were more aggressive, emotional and wanted to win.

The OL struggled and that led to offensive inconsistency. but there were glimpses of explosiveness. The Rams speed at skill positions will give teams fits. Atwell, Calais and Harris showed they could run away from defenders. Stafford is gonna love dealing to these cats.

The lack of a the line's power/push is already a problem. Not being able to convert Inside the five and on 3rd and short is what has held this offense back the past two years. The good news is that barring injuries, the OL guys will only see mop up duty.

The defense played well and will be, although different, solid like last year. DC Morris used Both 4 and 5 man fronts. Charger QB is an old pro and the Chargers ran a very simple short pass game he could excel at. All the Ram DB's came up and handled it well. The Rams got a lot of good pressure considering the quick plays and outside of two 2nd half big runs, held the rush game in check.

QB: No change, Stafford and Wolford didn't play. BUT, Perkins moves past Hodges, he showed presence, arm, and big play potential. Not calling him ahead Wolford yet. If he builds on his first live action in over a year, I will.

RB: No Hendo and no change. Calais may have tightened his grip on one spot. Jones and Funk showed a couple nice cuts. Tough day for this group, no room to see what they can do.

WR: Good showing by Atwell, TJackson and Koski, showing off YAC after a couple grabs each. Rams drafted Tutu for speed and he showed it. Bummer for Skowronek, probably heads to IR, his injury gives TJax the inside track for the las roster spot. Woods, Kupp, Jefferson, and DJax took the day off.

TE: No pressure for Higbee and Mundt. Harris looked good as a split-out TE, needs to work on ball control, I counted three bobbles. His lack of concentration may lose Hopkins a roster spot if he doesn't clean it up. Maybe the same problem with his drop history. Deal is, Markway was invisible except for a ST penalty and Blanton didn't play. Unsure if it's injury, doghouse, or maybe he's got a roster spot.

OL: Between the talent level, blocking scheme and vanilla game plan, Rams had no answer for Charger stunts and blitzes. Whit, Edwards, Allen, Corbett, Hav, and Noteboom all sat out. Battle for final 2 or 3 spots is a battle to the bottom. Anchrum played ok, still safe. Evans has gone from starter to hanging on. Brewer was hot and cold, have a run of solid snaps and then let someone by untouched. Something to build on with him. Jackson had a few good snaps, this guy needs a year on weights. Get back on the beef, kid. Ain't no place to be a vegan. Meredith and Kolone are cut bait. Shelton is neither a zone or power guy, a career hanger-on.

DL: Showed promise. A couple guys made ground in the battle for one spot. Hoecht had some success, I thought he played better at NT than DT. Williams was the opposite, he looked ok at 3T and 5T. Both put on some pressure and have something to build on.Silvanic did better than expected, this group is too deep though. He payed as well as Banks, Copeland, BBrown, and EBrown. Donald, SJD, Robinson and Gaines need not worry yet.

E: Lawler showed he can dominate the Chargers 2nd team. Probably seals up last edge spot with Floyd, Hollins, Okoronkwo and Lewis. Garrett and Daka showed their speed but are too small. Roberts could go this week.

ILB: Jones and Rozeboom were both active, but need to show more production. Moncrief didn't look good enough. Reeder, Young, Kiser, and Howard can still rest easy. Gervase started at the cover LB, but mostly because Safety is deep and ILB is thin. Unless he gets in on ST play, he's a PS guy.

S: Reed and Hughes played well on defense and ST. They could easily join Fuller, Rapp, and Burgess. Scott's knee sprain could open up a spot for sixth safety. Ford didn't do any thing and Warner wasn't a lot better.

CB: While their odds are still slim, Harris and Orr both played well overall. Mostly in zone, they came up and tackled well and both switched between CB and S. Harris was beaten twice in man, hard to run stride-for-stride with a 4.5 guy when you run 4.8. Olumba and Hall are still too new to expect much. Ramsey and Williams are studs. Long and Deayon must be in too. Rochell is nicked up and hopefully we see him next week.

ST: Orzech and Wirtel both snapped well. Nothing new. Hekker and Bojorquez both were stellar. BoyGenius may have said he was not concerned, but the only two scoring kicks were missed by Gay and Macginnis.and no KO's went through the EZ. Coverage units were good. Return penalties were costly. Atwell and Calais are threats.