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Rams-Chargers instant reaction podcast

An IMMEDIATE response to a preseason game!

NFL: Los Angeles Chargers at Los Angeles Rams Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

The final score between the two LA teams in Los Angeles on Saturday night carries no significance. The players who stood out on Saturday night are mostly competing to carry the title of “important reserve” and while those individuals are factually integral to the Rams’ success this season, how they performed in an exhibition game — good or bad — is of less significance than what happens Sunday through Friday.

That doesn’t mean that certain people didn’t earn paychecks on Saturday against the LA Chargers though and fans should feel excited (and more important, entertained) by a few of the new guys who were able to step on the field this weekend.

In this week’s episode of the Pod-TST Instant Reaction podcast, I go over what I find important and what I find insignificant when it comes to preseason action, in order to give listeners the most realistic version of events that anyone could possibly give you. No hyperbole, no fluff, no exaggeration, no nonsense. That’s the goal with every Pod-TST Instant Reaction show and basically anything else I create.

I think it would be a disservice and dishonest to give you anything else but the truth as how I see it. And my truth about preseason is that we won’t learn very much from the game by trying to interpret the stats or hoping to glean insight into the future on a play between two (relatively amazing) football players who are fighting to be #53 on their respective teams.

This is my honest and super instant reaction to the Rams and Chargers preseason game on Saturday night.