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Sean McVay press conference notes: The offense is coming together

McVay touched on the offensive line rotation and Darrell Henderson’s ability in the receiving game.

NFL: Los Angeles Rams Minicamp Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

LA Rams head coach Sean McVay met again with the media on Monday and he had a lot to say about the offense. What’s the deal at center? How is the Rams’ collection of skill players coming along? What role will Darrell Henderson ultimately have?

Here are four takeaways from the head coach’s latest talk.

Brian Allen is getting more first team center reps

Most Rams fans have been laser focused on piece of news dealing with the offensive line since it’s perceived deterioration following the 2018 season. Coach McVay gave an insight into the current state of the evaluation on the makeup of the offensive line.

(00:12) “He’s [Brian Allen] doing a great job. He’s played really well. We’re still in the middle of evaluating what does it look like to figure out the best combination of those five guys up front… We know Austin Corbet can be a really good right guard. Bobby Evans has shown that he can be a starting caliber player for us as well. It’s really a reflection of how well Brian has played and we’re going to continue to evaluate that.”

The skill position group is on another level from the neck up

LA has found a great balance of youth and veteran leadership. This mixture, combined with the overall unselfish nature of the team has led to great communication and mentorship, raising the team’s collective football IQ.

(01:53) “This is the most conscientious group of skill players I’ve ever been around in terms of attention to detail, being able to get on the same page understanding the intricacies of what we’re trying to get done within each concept that we’re activating. Been really pleased with those guys and they’re going to continue to sharpen as we go.”

Sean McVay is expecting more consistency from the offense

Coach McVay took a second to reflect on the recent joint practices with the Dallas Cowboys. While he acknowledged there were some promising moments, he made it very clear that there is still a lot of room for improvement for the offense.

(04:18) “Offensively, I think we can be a lot better. I think there were some good things that we flashed…I still expect more from that group. We’ve got enough guys that have played a lot football that I want us to be sharper in our overall execution from one snap to the next. You might have a good play, but the good offenses consistently stack good plays after one another.”

Darrell Henderson should have a significant role in the receiving game

Darrell Henderson has been receiving quite a bit of praise coming out of training camp from his vision with the ball in his hands to his speed and acceleration. Most recently, McVay was emphatic about Henderson’s natural catching ability and work coming out of the backfield.

McVay sees Henderson as a complete running back.

(07:27) “Darrell’s a complete back. He’s made plays in the pass game for us. You look at a handful of plays that he made last year, whether it’s catching balls down the field or being able to run some different option routes out of the backfield. He’s a versatile skill player. He’s got good natural hands where he can catch outside of frame work. Very confident in Darrell’s ability.”