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Pod-TST: Observations on Matthew Stafford and the Rams defense in training camp

Give me less than 30 minutes, I’ll give you updates on the Rams

Los Angeles Rams Practice Photo by Leonard Ortiz/MediaNews Group/Orange County Register via Getty Images

We are less than one week into 2021 training camp, but already there’s increased hype around the differences at quarterback this season as compared to the last few. This does not mean that anyone is “disparaging” the previous quarterback by making these observations, it’s simply pointing out the obvious. Everyone is allowed to voice their observations and noting that the new quarterback — the one who cost two first round picks to acquire — is changing the dynamic at training camp as compared to the previous quarterback, is not to be discouraged.

The change from Jared Goff to Matthew Stafford was expected to have benefits for the Rams, but this whole offseason has been building up hype at the quarterback position that will only make it more difficult for the new guy to live up to that standard. Through four or five practices this year, Stafford has managed to out-perform the hype.

But we’re just talking about practice. We’re a little more than a month away from the first real game.

In today’s episode of Pod-TST — an LA Rams podcast that will begin ramping up its production of episodes immediately, so find it on your podcast apps and hit that ‘subscribe’ button — I go over some reports about Stafford and other Rams in training camp thus far and talk about why it’s okay to like the new quarterback more than the last one. It doesn’t mean you’re saying anything untoward about Goff.

I reference some articles on today’s podcast:

Stu Jackson’s observations from Day 4 of camp

Bret Stuter’s report on Matthew Stafford’s eyes

Leonard Floyd saying that things are different this year and Stafford is making the defense better