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Rams alternate white jerseys unveiled by Tutu Atwell

Los Angeles Rams

Did Tutu Atwell accidentally unveil the newest edition of the LA Rams’ newish uniforms? Apparently, Yes!

In a post over at, we can see rookie receiver Tutu Atwell signing a stack of jerseys that includes alternate white road jerseys, something that was not a part of LA’s new uniform unveiling in 2020. Atwell shared the moment in his Instagram stories, which is where we get a peek at the new digs.

It was known that the Rams would probably be revealing new alternates this month, but it was expected to be gold, not white. SportsLogo’s Andrew Lind wrote that a team source indicated that these are indeed the new alternates, and that they were not custom-made for the event, as was suggested by the memorabilia company hosting Atwell’s signing.

The Rams are among the handful of teams set to unveil a new alternate or throwback uniform in the coming weeks, but many expected it to be gold, pulling inspiration from the alternates worn by the franchise in 1994 or the Color Rush set worn in 2015 and from 2017-19.

The white jersey, however, follows the same template as the blue home set with gold horns wrapping around the shoulders – though it also has TV numbers on the sleeves, something the blue jersey doesn’t have. The numbers are also blue, just like on the bone-colored road set, as shown below.

A team source indicated that these are, in fact, Los Angeles’ new alternate jerseys, which chief operating officer Kevin Demoff said would be unveiled before training camp opens on July 25. If paired with gold pants, as expected, it will mimic the Rams’ road look from 1973-99.

We should get a closer, better look at the LA Rams’ new alternate uniforms later this month then.