Next year

First of all, I'm more interested in how the Rams do THIS year. Let me be clear about that. I think they are definite Super Bowl contenders. But there hasn't been a lot to talk about and there won't be until training camp starts, unless someone is signed that will make a difference. So I thought I'd post something about what might happen after this season.
The Rams have a LOT of players who will be FAs next year. Darious WIlliams, Austin Corbett, Joe Noteboom, Sebastian Joseph Day, Matt Gay, Brian Allen, Micah Kiser, Kenny Young, Troy Reeder, Obo, John Wohlford, Jamil Demby, Donte Deayon, Travin Howard, Coleman Shelton, Johnny Mundt, Justin Lawler, Chandler Brewer. There are a few restricted FAs also. I don't see the Rams bringing back Demby, Allen, Obo, Mundt, , or Young. They won't be able to afford Williams...I wish they could. I think they will try to keep Joseph Day, Noteboom, Corbett, Gay and Kiser. Maybe Lawler, Howard, and Shelton. I don't know about the rest. I know they will gain SOME salary cap room if Whitworth retires.
That leaves us with the draft, and the Rams have 11 picks next year. Four sixth rounders (3 of them comps) and two seventh rounders. A second, two thirds, a fourth (comp) and a fifth.
My opinion, I'd go.....
2nd Offensive line. It could happen.
3rd Offensive line
3rd Linebacker
4th Cornerback
5th Linebacker
6th Offensive line
6th Defensive line
6th Depth somewhere
6th Depth
7th Depth
7th Depth
We have seen the Rams find some real gems in late rounds. Quite a few. We've also seen them find some duds in the 2nd and 3rd...but I think generally they've done better than most teams. They may restructure a contract or two to sign FA offensive linemen or LBs. With Snead, you never know. That's the fun of being a Rams fan, but also extremely frustrating.
Thanks for reading.