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Random Ramsdom: Could Johnny Hekker be a potential cut candidate?

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Wild Card Round - Los Angeles Rams v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images

Each and every offseason, tough decisions will have to be made. Just because you’re a veteran doesn’t mean your chances of getting cut or released are slim to none. Sometimes, despite having proved you’re one of the best players at your position on the team, a player’s situation can take a wrong turn and leave them in a vulnerable position. Some precursors to this tend to be a string of injuries or a down year.

In a recent article at ESPN, each team’s beat writer took to the task of selecting one veteran they felt could be a cut candidate this offseason due to a myriad of factors. For the Rams, team writer Lindsay Thiry chose punter Johnny Hekker as a potential cut candidate in early September.

Here’s what Thiry had to say about her selection.

“Hekker has had an outstanding nine-year career for the Rams. However, he’s the highest-paid punter in the NFL and averaged a career-low 45.6 yards per punt last season. Though Rams coach Sean McVay insisted that the addition of a new punter to the roster this offseason did not signal a competition for Hekker’s job, Hekker is not taking any chances.

“‘When push comes to shove they have to make the best decisions for this roster,’ Hekker said. ‘For me to for a second not think that this is a competition and not prepare myself everyday like it is a competition would be doing myself and this team a disservice.’”

While I think Thiry’s reasoning is sound enough, one down season for Hekker isn’t terribly “bad” by general NFL standards. I fully expect a bounce back season for the veteran and the thought of him potentially getting cut will be just another piece of forgettable filler during the offseason.

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