Tired of Final 53 Speculations Yet?

Here's one fans way-to-early final 53 forecast. (In bold)

QB (2) Stafford is the shiny new weapon and Wolford is a capable backup. No battles here. I love Perkins athleticism and potential but unless he's made strides in mechanics, he's back to PS. Hodges has some NFL starts but has look of career backup, just not in LA.

RB (4) A week ago there were gonna be battles, but now all five could see action. Henderson has shown NFL skills but seems to be constantly nicked up. Jones is a smooth, north-south guy with good vision, Calais has true breakaway speed and can return kicks, but ended last season on IR. Funk is probably best suited for ST but is fast, athletic, and has tremendous work ethic. Anderson has some shake and bake but is mostly a camp body. With the injury history of the guys ahead of him, he could get.snaps.

WR (6) Woods. Kupp, DJackson, and Jefferson are all no-braners. Atwell gets in draft status.

Battle for one spot: The acquisition of DJax and Tutu seemed to make TJackson expendable, but they didn't risk putting him on waivers last year, that makes me think Rams like his potential, So do I. Skowronek offers blocking, ST acumen and the size and athleticism to be a contested catch guy. Koski can return P's and KO's and at Cal Poly he blocked and won alot of deep routes. Haydel and Akers are camp bodies.

TE (4) Higbee is in. Hopkins has real potential and a year on the 53. Harris has ultra-athleticism, big play potential, draft status and could easily move out to WR. Mundt is the butt of a lot of jokes, but holds his mud in the small amount of reps he gets. Blanton is a mountain who the Rams keep around, his chances are running out. Markway is camp body while Harris mends.

OL (8) Whit, Edwards, Corbett, Evans, Hav, and Noteboom are locked in.

Battle for two spots: Anchrum is not my favorite but who is going to replace him? He has played up and down the line. Allen has NFL Starting snaps. He doesn't inspire much confidence and had a snap in 1 1/2 years. Brewer is a great story with only a PS stint on his resume. He's another guy who hasn't played in over a year. Demby is, well, Demby. Shelton is career PS player. If you like him over Allen, I won't argue. Jackson needs a year of pro weight training and seasoning. Pircher and Meredith are camp bodies.

ST (3) Gay is in at K.

Battle for two spots: Wirtel and Orzech are pick em at LS. Not enough film to make an educated guess but both will be a step down from McQuaide. Bojorquez has a big leg but has been inconsistent at times. He led NFL in avg. last season. Hekker is an ideal candidate for trade bait. Stellar punter in his prime, three years left on contract (albeit expensive), and his departure would save the Rams some real scratch. Package him with a 4th in exchange for a high 3rd or low 2nd.

CB (5) Ramsey and Williams are two of the best. Long has had some NFL snaps and is a lot like Troy Hill. Rochell is in on athleticism and draft status.

Battle for one spot: Deayon is small, feisty, has NFL snaps and is a fan favorite. He's a four year pro and returned punts in college. Harris is another feisty tyke who had a horrific Pro Day, he's a longshot. Orr is Titan retread and camp body. Lake is back for another chance, he's a fast and aggressive camp body.

S (5) Fuller, Rapp, Burgess and Scott have all shown NFL talent.

Battle for one spot: Reed has an excellent pedigree and saw some ST action last year. Hughes is small but does have some cover skills, he got ST snaps last year as well. Gervase has hung around a couple years and is nice combo of size and speed. Ford, Grant, and Warner are camp bodies.

ILB (5) This could seriously be considered an up-for-grabs battle for five spots, but I will take a position. Jones gets in on draft status. Reeder made strides last year and can earn his keep on ST.. Howard was penciled as last years starter, if healed up he should retain that spot. Kiser was a starter before injury last year, but he didn't get it back when healthy. He's serviceable and can play ST. Rozeboom was college take machine and has athleticism to play both spots.Young makes a lot of money and his play doesn't warrant it. Save a few bucks. If Moncrief had anything for the Rams, it would have shown by now.

E (5) Floyd played well and got paid. Lewis has great upside and draft status. Hollins and Okoronkwo are mediocre. Rams value them more than I do.

Battle for one spot: I like Daka, he showed pass rush skills in college. Saw a training camp picture of him and he's been working out hard. He looks the part. Lawler has been around awhile, not much to show but injury reports. Roberts is a camp body. Garrett is fast off edge, but not playing last year and being from a small school, he needs a season of pro training.

DL (6) Donald, SJD, Robinson, and Gaines are a solid core. BBrown is in on draft status.

Battle for one spot: Hoecht is large, fast, and athletic. Big potential. Banks, Williams, and EBrown all look like they could play standing up. Maybe one/all get a shot to do it in preseason games. DC Morris might go with more four down and one of these guys could replace an Edge guy. Copeland can play up and down the line but accumulated talent at DL make him expendable. Silvanic is a camp body.