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2021 Rams practice squad projection

Former Steelers quarterback Devlin Hodges could provide adequate QB insurance on the practice squad

NFL: JUN 10 Rams Practice Photo by Jevone Moore/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

On Thursday morning, I posted a 53-man roster projection for the Los Angeles Rams. That helps clear up another picture for me: if that is the final roster, then who is left to make the practice squad? Now that we have a 53-man roster, I can formulate an idea of which players could make LA’s practice squad in September.

This won’t be 100-percent accurate, of course. In fact, one or two members of the practice squad may not even be on the Rams right now. But some of these players absolutely will be on LA’s practice squad in Week 1 and for most of next season.

These are the updated practice squad rules, which now allows for up to 16 players, four of whom can be veterans with any number of accrued seasons.

Here is an idea of who could be on the LA Rams 2021 practice squad:

Practice Squad Projection

QB Devlin Hodges

RB Otis Anderson

WR Ben Skowronek

WR Trishton Jackson

OL Alaric Jackson

OL Max Pircher (exception)

TE Kyle Markway

DL George Silvanic

LB Chris Garrett

LB Christian Rozeboom

S Paris Ford

CB Dayan Lake

K Austin MacGinnis


This is my initial 12-player practice squad roster, but I still have four more spots, some of whom can be veterans. This is where things could get interesting and actually the Rams could carry a veteran running back like Todd Gurley or Adrian Peterson in this spot, if the player agreed to it.

Last season, the Eagles carried 41-year-old quarterback Josh McCown on their practice squad.

Here are four more names for the Rams practice squad:

OL Jamil Demby

CB Donte Deayon

DL Eric Banks

LB Jake Gervase