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5 takeaways from Sean McVay’s Monday press conference

The Rams are rolling with Darrell Henderson and other highlights

NFL: Los Angeles Rams Minicamp Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

Los Angeles Rams coach Sean McVay took to the podium for the first time this training camp, here are five takeaways from the media session.

1. The Rams plan on being close to 100% vaccinated by the time the regular season starts.

In a conference call earlier this week, McVay had an open table discussion with his team and it seems as though those talks went well with the latest update.

(00:03) “Our guys have done a great job of trying to educate them on their perspective and we have come close to 100 percent of our guys that are committed to [getting vaccinated].”

2. Sean McVay did not give any indication that the team may be looking for a veteran running back at the moment.

Darrell Henderson is the number one, but there is no clear indication of what the backfield will look after that. McVay will use training camp to get a clearer picture of what he has. Exciting news for the rookie running backs on the team who all have a chance of getting real playing time this season.

(02:12) “Darrell Henderson has played really good football. We’ve got an opportunity leading up into that September 12th date against the Bears to really say what can Calais do, what can Jake Funk do, what can Xavier Jones do? We are going to use camp as an opportunity to let Thomas Brown pour into these guys and see how they compete and handle a little bit of a heavier workload than they anticipated.”

3. No one has claimed the kick returner position after Rams waived Nsimba Webster.

The Rams have a couple of options at the position, with Desean Jackson and rookies Tutu Atwell and Jake Funk being on the roster.

(06:21) “Whose doing it week one against the Bears is to be determined and that’s the beauty of having a little time to figure it out.”

4. There is a lot of trust in the Rams facility with their staff.

Sean McVay had a chance to talk up second year running back coach and assistant head coach Thomas Brown during the media session. Brown will have his hands full after the injury to Cam Akers and a little game experience behind Darrell Henderson.

(09:44) “He’s so self assured that he is always going to be able to tell you exactly how he’s seeing it, even if its not in alignment with sometime the way I see it. I think that is a really valuable thing. I know that he is well equipped to put that room in a position to have some success. I know he’s excited about the opportunity while also really bummed out by Cam because of the relationship that those two guys have.”

5. The offensive line still has some questions and like the running back position will more than likely be figured out by camp end.

McVay still seems confident in the guys he has and will interchange them until he finds the setup he likes most. Austin Corbett appears to be the front runner to start at center.

(11:26) “I feel really good about Austin’s ability. We know he’s played really high-level ball at the Guard position. Brian Allen is a guy that’s played good football for us to. We are really in the midst of figuring out what is that best collaboration and collection of those five guys look like. I was really pleased with what Brian Allen did through the course of the spring. I was really pleased with what Austin Corbett did.”